Wandera Private Access

Five quick remote access case studies

Wandera Private Access advances many modern enterprise’s remote access strategy, it’s highly secure, lightning fast, and easy to use.

Check out these examples to see how Wandera Private Access can improve or solve for the prevailing remote access challenges..

Customer Profile

Vertical: Manufacturing

No. of employees: 100

Existing remote access solution? Legacy VPN

Remote access challenge:
C-TEC’s IT team was connecting remote users via a VPN but they weren’t happy with it because the user experience was poor, the connections were slow, and the result was a disruptive work environment.

Wandera Private Access is a VPN alternative that puts user experience first.

“We needed a secure remote access solution that puts the user experience at the forefront to ensure Microsoft 365 logins were fast with no noticeable difference in speed to the user.”

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Customer Profile

Vertical: Entertainment

No. of employees: 32,000

Existing remote access solution? Legacy VPN

Remote access challenge:
Even though this production studio boast an IT budget that rivals the production spend associated with their box office hits, they have not been able to identify an appropriate technical solution for their COVID-19 reality; all of their producers were forced to work from home due to local lockdown requirements. The VPNs they have tried are not performant enough to meet the demands of their film production software. Their needs include file server access (on premises), screen sharing (from many locations around the world). They also needed a security model that ensures that their films stay secret until their premier dates, even when working with partners and third-party collaborators.

Wandera Private Access instantly sets up ultra-fast tunnels whenever needed for the best user experience. The cloud architecture means deployment is simple and fast, wherever users are.

Next-gen network protocols make Wandera Private Access’ connections fast and resilient, ideal for transitioning to working from home, and achieving the connection speeds that their production software requires.

Also, because Wandera does not require any hardware or software on-premises, they were able to deploy this to all employees already working from home. Installation on personal devices is streamlined (download from public app source and sign-in) and even silent on corporate devices.

Customer Profile

Vertical: Healthcare

No. of employees: 500

Existing remote access solution? UEM

Remote access challenge:
This regional healthcare organization has a lot of field workers processing sensitive patient data. Many of their employees work remotely, and they don’t want to use 2FA because it interrupts the workflow. The IT team wants the user experience to be the same as when users are remote as in the office. They’ve got a UEM, but it doesn’t offer an adequate tunnel experience.

Wandera Private Access makes businesses agile, they can quickly deploy new apps and services with a slick, seamless user experience.

Resilience is a priority for many organizations at the moment. is Built entirely in the cloud, Wandera requires no hardware or software to be installed to connect applications in cloud or on-premise, this makes the service extremely fast to deploy.

Secure tunnels are established automatically when required, and out-of-the-box compatibility with directory services allows modern SSO authentication to be used, providing a seamless user experience.

Customer Profile

Vertical: Professional Services

No. of employees: 24,000

Existing remote access solution? VPN

Remote access challenge:
Consultants have work-provided devices, though many are unmanaged. This enterprise struggled with ways to deploy VPN software in the past because of the difficulties installing the certificates that needed to be distributed to the devices.

Wandera Private Access security is rooted in user identity, so it’s able to work on any device.

Wandera Private Access uses integration with directory services to silently install and manage the security services and certificates behind the scenes. Admins do not need to worry about manually deploying certificates and can achieve consistent policy across all devices, including those that are corporate liable as well as those that are unmanaged, whether used by employees, partners, or clients.

Customer Profile

Vertical: Technology

No. of employees: 65,000

Existing remote access solution? Legacy VPN

Remote access challenge:
This organization’s IT team received complaints from users due to poor experience on iOS. Like many silicon valley firms, they have an environment with a mix of devices: some BYO devices, some devices on the factory floor or sitting around as kiosks. They want consistency across users and devices.

Wandera Private Access offers a consistent experience for Android, iOS, Windows 10 & macOS

We’re already recognised as a leader in security for remote work. Our innovative technology stack guarantees a great user experience whichever device is used, from corporate laptop to personal smartphone.

Customer Profile

Vertical: Financial Services

No. of employees: 100

Existing remote access solution? No, due to budget.

Remote access challenge:
This business has a limited technology budget and a lean IT team. They want to embrace modern infrastructure and migrate to cloud services, but are worried about maintaining hardware and expensive service contracts.

Wandera Private Access helps businesses embrace the cloud

Because Wandera Private Access only uses modern cloud infrastructure, they were able to easily set up access to a file server in the data center, which their advisers accessed with their macOS and iOS devices. Additionally, they have been able to configure their SaaS application access through Wandera’s cloud infrastructure, enabling a consistent user- and access-experience through one, centrally managed solution.

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