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Protect against mobile threats

Detect vulnerabilities

Instantly identify security risks to your mobile fleet.

Block threats

Prevent threats in real-time, locking down access from would-be attackers.

Restrict access

Minimize the risk of data leakage and exposure by restricting unapproved behaviour.

Apps Scanned


Security risks detected


Traffic scanned daily


Manage data usage

Reduce bill shock

Keep an eye on costs with flexible controls, and powerful data compression.

Boost performance

Maximize employee performance by blocking undesirable sites or apps.

Limit liability

Avoid potentially damaging legal action and reputational impact by filtering access to inappropriate content.

Data saved per year


Daily unapproved connections blocked 


Hours of productivity gained per day


Trusted by over 500 leading enterprises

Unique Features

An undisputed leader in mobile security

Is your data safe?

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