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Zero Trust Cloud Security

Secure remote access – cloud hosted, simple, secure and fast Zero Trust Network Access to your SaaS or internal applications. Protect against discoverability and reachability of data and apps.

  • Flexibility for your teams to work anytime, anywhere, on all platforms, on any managed or BYOD device.
  • Restrict access to sensitive apps and data from unsecured or infected devices.
  • Increase your visibility of application access in real-time, identify shadow IT.
  • Delivered in the cloud. Deployed in minutes.

Multi-level cloud and endpoint security. Protect your users, devices and network against all cyber threats; device vulnerabilities, man-in-the-middle, phishing, malware and risky apps. Eliminate zero day threats with MI:RIAM, our advanced threat intelligence engine.

  • Leading endpoint protection for all platforms, managed and BYOD.
  • Real-time blocking of all network attacks.
  • Adaptive access to your cloud applications based on device risk and contextual policies.
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Control how, when and where your data is used. Enforce your acceptable usage policy, eliminate shadow IT and block unwanted and risky content. Prevent non-business data use from impacting productivity, causing bill shock and increasing legal liability.

  • Prevent data leaks with customizable acceptable usage policies and content filtering rules.
  • Manage data consumption with real-time analytics and granular reporting.
  • Limit non-business data and avoid bill shock via traffic blocking, capping and roaming policies.
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In-network protection

Real-time security in the network, blocking zero-day threats at source. Our cloud based SDP creates secure isolated connections for each application. Fast and resilient tunnelling and encryption protocols deliver enterprise grade security.

Threat intelligence

Informed by 425 million sensors across our global network, the MI:RIAM threat intelligence engine always stays ahead of the evolving threat landscape.

Global network

Our high performance cloud platform scales vertically and horizontally on demand to deliver real-time security across 30+ global locations.

Deployment options

Mix and match our endpoint application with a variety of flexible network security options, including our Software Defined Perimeter, to suit your enterprise security needs.

Unified policy

Each step of the policy execution flow has been reimagined. Configure once, apply anywhere. Real-time analytics for complete visibility.

Ecosystem integrations

Make the most of your security investments and leverage our pre-built integrations to the largest ecosystem of UEM, IAM and SIEM technologies.

Product Review

Wandera Private Access

“Provisioning safe remote access in these challenging times needn’t be a headache for enterprises, as Wandera’s Private Access provides an elegantly simple, yet highly secure, ZTNA solution. We found it remarkably easy to deploy, as it doesn’t require new certificates, accounts or IT workflows to be created and its light touch on end user devices ensures they get the best possible experience.”

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