Wandera Private Access

5 questions to qualify customers

It’s easy to know if a customer is ready for Wandera Private Access.

Remote work is the new normal. Companies are rapidly adopting Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) to connect workers to business applications. Now is the time to get ahead of the competition. Get started with our qualifying questions below.

Where is your data hosted?

Many businesses are migrating applications to the cloud (over 60% of corporate data is now stored in the cloud!), but VPN can’t provide consolidated access and security.

Solution: Securely access all apps with Wandera Private Access including SaaS, private cloud and on-premise

  • Wandera’s existing solutions elevate the security and access policies of cloud apps like Microsoft 365
  • Private Access quickly and efficiently routes connections to apps even when your users are on the move

What UEM solution do you use?

If your customer is using Intune – or considering migrating to Intune – they might not know that Microsoft’s UEM doesn’t offer app tunneling. This means that apps behind their firewall will become unreachable on migration.

Solution: Leverage Private Access to provide secure access to apps

  • Fast and easy to deploy, Wandera integrates with Microsoft for a seamless user experience
  • Powers Conditional Access policies on any private apps
  • Supports Conditional Launch policies for unmanaged devices with application management

How much time do you spend managing your existing VPN?

VPN services are notoriously complex to configure correctly, needing constant patching and updates which takes up administrator’s time. They also grant users access to too many resources.

Solution: Simplify and automate IT administrator workflows

  • Streamlined configuration makes creating and enforcing policies easy
  • Integration with directory services, device managers and SecOps tools removes the need to manage multiple tools
  • Private Access allows access permissions to be tailored by user group or individual
  • Prevent hackers moving laterally on the network and attacking other applications

How has COVID-19 changed your workforce?

Your customers have more users working from home than ever before, but private apps are still accessed using traditional VPN. Are users complaining about latency and bad connections? We’re not surprised.

Solution: Securely access private apps with a scalable solution

  • Built in the cloud, Wandera provides best-in-class performance regardless of the number of users
  • With no on-premise hardware, the easy to install app enables a fast roll out
  • With ‘set-and-forget’ configuration, Private Access is so easy to use people forget that it’s there

How often are unmanaged devices used to access corporate data?

Whether it’s BYOD or contractors, there might be some users that need some access to corporate data with a device that you don’t manage. These devices could be infected with malware, or have compromised or vulnerable apps.

Solution: Only grant access to selected apps when devices are secure

  • The Wandera App doesn’t need a device manager to be installed
  • Allows Wandera’s advanced security to detect threats without compromising user privacy
  • Businesses can enable access without sacrificing security

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