Wandera Private Access

Four reasons to choose Wandera for remote access

Remote access has been around for a while, but Wandera Private Access is ready to overtake the competition.

Accelerate into first place with Wandera.

Best in class for remote working

You already know us as experts in security and productivity for remote workers. Our Security Suite is hailed by Gartner, IDC, and Forrester as market-leading year on year.

We don’t compromise

We believe in making security simple. By building the fastest and most secure access solution on the planet, we created a unified offering to support the mobile workforce.

Why Wandera Private Access

Here are the top four reasons why remote workers, IT teams, and analysts are excited about Wandera Private Access.

It’s lightning-fast

  • Private Access is 4x faster than other VPNs, allowing apps to run flawlessly.
  • Beyond improving speed, Private Access provides a reliable connection. Workers no longer need to worry about their connection dropping while they’re on the move.
  • By staying connected, Private Access keeps users productive wherever they are.

The user experience is unrivaled

  • We built Private Access to have a best-in-class user experience for end-users and administrators.
  • Private Access works on any device and with any operating system, keeping users secure and connected no matter how they work.
  • The Wandera app is super-efficient, so device batteries last all day – which is much more suitable for today’s mobile workforce.

Streamlined configuration reduces IT's workload

  • There’s no hardware or software to install and everything is managed in one administration console, to keep remote access simple yet secure.
  • Wandera integrates with existing IT tools to automate management, so administrators don’t constantly need to edit details and update permissions
  • Private Access works independently of UEM (but can with any of them), making it perfect for all endpoints, even those currently unmanaged.

There’s full-throttle security

  • Built from the ground up on Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) principles, Private Access provides increased security to every application.
  • Wandera intelligently segments apps and offers granular controls, so each user only sees the data and apps they need.
  • Policies are tailored to protect company data across different ownership models so security can be enabled on managed and unmanaged devices.

Wondering what ZTNA is?

Traditionally, businesses operated on an all-or-nothing approach, which leaves corporate data at extreme risk of a breach. ZTNA services provide seamless, secure, context-aware connectivity to applications. Users are only granted access to tools they need, and only when it is safe to do so.

For example, a full-time employee in the finance department can access payroll information with a secure smartphone, but a contractor in engineering cannot.

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