Service Description

Service and Capabilities

Wandera provides mobile data security and management.
Our solutions are as follows:

  • Threat Prevention provides protection against a broad spectrum of mobile threats, through real-time detection, and a score-based risk assessment of apps, sites, end user devices and overall company health rating.  Our threat prevention solution uses our SmartWire Cloud Intelligence to detect emerging threats. SmartWire utilizes non-signature detection techniques and automated machine-learning to dynamically generate fine-grained heuristic parameters that build up a detailed view of each mobile data request and the associated security risk.
  • Compliance. With Wandera’s real-time view into mobile data, enterprises can enforce an acceptable usage policy for mobile and maintain compliance. Wandera enables the management of business and personal usage, control of hidden unapproved use and the real-time filtering of inappropriate content.
  • Data Cost Management itemizes data usage, andprovides data savings through a combination of data usage controls, data compression, and data capping. Controls can be managed separately for domestic and roaming usage, and policies can be defined by app and by website. Customers can configure multiple local data plans and cost rates across the different carriers in each country. The service may also leverage various techniques such as optimized browser rendering to offer users an enhanced mobile browsing experience.

The services can be deployed in any country in the world.

Architecture and Deployment

Wandera operates on device and in the cloud.

The Wandera Mobile App is installed on end user devices, and provides in-app usage reports, security alerts and proactive service notifications. It also collects device data such as roaming status and process information (referred to as Heartbeats in Wandera collateral), which is then captured in the cloud.

The application updates the device settings to route mobile data traffic (across the browser and most applications) through the Wandera Cloud Gateway, where the data in monitored and various controls are applied in real-time.

The end user device is enrolled standalone through a single end user click via an enrolment email, or potentially using a third party MDM service that may be licensed by the company. This installs the end user application and profile settings as detailed below.

The Wandera service supports a large number of mobile devices including iOS and Samsung Android (KNOX compatible) smartphones and tablets. A full list of these devices can be found in the Wandera Customer Knowledgebase.

All Wandera capabilities are delivered as a globally distributed and highly available cloud offering to deliver enterprise-class performance and reliability.

Web Based Portal

Customer deployment, policies, service settings and reports are all managed through a single web based management portal named RADAR. Devices are added and maintained via this interface as well as through supported integrations with industry-leading EMM/MDM platforms.  Detailed instructions for managing devices and users are available within RADAR.

Policies and service settings are also managed here. These configurations include alerting users, filtering, blocking, capping and compressing traffic.  Powerful group-policy enables different settings to be applied to different devices based upon criteria of the administrator’s choosing.

A wide range of graphical and tabular reports are available for administrators to review usage patterns for their end users.  These reports are presented in aggregate across devices, with the ability to drill down on a per-user or per app/site basis.

Service Considerations

While Wandera does not actively alter the data transferred through the services, it does however make certain technical modifications.  Such modifications include, but are not limited to, reducing image resolution, reducing video resolution, blocking traffic, and optimizing text-based payloads.  These modifications are an integral part of the service and you hereby acknowledge and agree to them. If you do not agree to these modifications, please do not use the service.

Your dealings with any wireless, telecommunications or other carrier (“Carrier”) in connection with the services are solely between you and the Carrier.  Wandera is not responsible or liable for any part of any such dealings.  You are solely responsible for, and Wandera will not have any liability to you for, any access or usage charges charged by a Carrier related to any device, including without limitation any data charges for handheld devices.

Certain applications may not respect settings in the device configuration profile or may utilize alternative non-web protocols that could result in traffic passing outside of the services remit, and therefore would not be monitored or protected. Please refer to our Wandera Customer Knowledgebase for a comprehensive breakdown of unsupported ports, protocols and applications, as updated from time to time.

If an end user’s mobile data request is blocked within the browser, the service will normally deliver a blocked page. If the request is via an app, the app will be unable to complete its web requests successfully.  The administrator can also set up alerts to be delivered via email.

The availability and functionality of the service depends on various factors and elements, including software, hardware and communication networks, which are partially provided by third parties.  We do not warrant or guarantee that the service will operate without disruption, limitations, delays, errors or interruptions, or that it will be accessible, or available at all times, or immune from unauthorised access or error-free.