Service Description

Wandera offers two core solutions for organizations looking to get more from their mobility programs.

Enterprise Mobile Security

Provides enterprise-grade security against mobile risks, keeping devices safe across all four levels of protection as identified by Gartner. The security solution encompasses two key technologies.

Mobile Threat Defence

A multi-level security solution that protects your data by detecting and defending against mobile threats to employee devices, as well as providing you with full real-time visibility and actionable intelligence.

  • App Scans
    By scanning the applications installed on the device, Wandera can identify any apps with improper permission levels or those that might be leaking sensitive data. Malicious apps can be analyzed in real-time, providing zero-day threat detection.
  • Network security
    Wandera is able to monitor each device’s network connection activity, meaning rogue or suspicious Wi-Fi hotspots can be identified in an instant. Communication with risky sites can be isolated and untrustworthy connections can be blocked.
  • Device behavioral anomalies
    Analysis of unusual configurations and unexpected behaviors helps reveal potential risks. Wandera surveys for usage spikes, location changes, modifications to apps and other anomalies to uncover and prevent new threats.
  • Vulnerability assessments
    Keeping devices secure requires constant scanning for vulnerabilities. Wandera can detect when devices can be exploited, such as when they are in a risky state, or if there are patchable holes in the operating system.

Content Filtering

Allows your company to take control of mobile risk by proactively limiting access to known risks and preventing problems before they arise.

  • Get visibility into your mobile fleet’s actions (in real time), with detailed intelligence at the device, data and network level on the easy to use RADAR portal.
  • Restrict downloads and block access to unapproved app stores to prevent downloads of rogue applications, reducing the risk of data leaks.
  • Set up proactive filters and restrict end user activity across websites, URLs and applications to block risky content and prevent connections to untrustworthy domains.
  • Reduce exposure, blocking access to file-sharing services to prevent unwanted risky data uploads.

Data Management

Helps you get visibility and management over your mobile fleet’s data activity at home and when roaming.

Mobile Expense Management

Gain the ability to not only understand what’s driving your next data bill, but how to control it too.

  • Open the “black box” of your data bills and understand mobile data usage on a granular level.
  • Manage your company data pool, eliminate overages and bill shock through real-time data alerts and caps.
  • Restrict data hungry apps and other undesirable content through sophisticated blocking functionality that filters by app or content type.
  • Optimize data performance for mobile with advanced acceleration techniques and compression.

Policy Enforcement

Create and enforce rules about which behaviours, sites and apps are considered acceptable.

  • Fully customizable rules around what sites and applications can and cannot be used as well as where they can be used and when.
  • Extend coverage with +WiFi, with visibility into what usage is taking place once users connect to mobile hotspots.
  • Boost productivity, by limiting access to sites and resources that may drain time and resources such as social networking sites or online gambling.
  • Reduce legal liability, and protect yourself against rogue employees visiting illegal or dangerous domains.

How Wandera works

The Wandera solution includes an application installed on employee devices and an online portal for admins to configure, analyze and control corporate mobile fleets. Data is vectored from the device to Wandera’s web gateway for mobile, granting admins complete visibility into how work-assigned devices are being used. This gateway also means threats can be detected and eliminated before they even reach the device, and access to certain apps or categories can be filtered at the data level.

End user app

The tamper-resistant Wandera application is installed on employee smartphones and tablets, and actively monitors the device and flags unusual behaviour. It also provides employees with real-time analytics on their own usage, and doesn’t drain battery life or hamper user experience.


Wandera’s web gateway for mobile acts as an in-line cloud proxy, scanning data in real-time to analyze usage and detect and block security threats.

Analysis and control

MI:RIAM correlates the billions of daily mobile inputs and powers a unique set of advanced machine learning techniques to build up a detailed view of each mobile data request and the associated security threat.

Reporting & API

The RADAR management portal includes powerful controls and easy management for admins, including reports on security and data usage.

EMM Connect

An optional component of the Wandera infrastructure, this connects with your EMM/MDM solution to provide additional data for analysis, as well as offering a seamless, integrated way to deploy the Wandera app.

Other features

Usage anonymization

Reduce any privacy concerns by anonymizing users in reporting dashboards. This optional functionality assigns each employee with a randomized ID, obscuring the names of staff from IT admins.


Available only for certain devices and operating systems, the +WiFi feature extends the visibility and control of Wandera beyond mobile data connections, offering organizations the ability to also analyze and filter activity on Wi-Fi connections.

SIEM integration

Export security insights and events into your existing SIEM platform, seamlessly integrating your mobile data security system with your enterprise-wide workflows.

Device support

Wandera works across all carriers, and is available on more than 90% of devices including iOS, Samsung Android and Windows 10 Mobile. For a more detailed description of which products we are able to support, visit

Service Considerations

While Wandera does not actively alter the data transferred through the services, it does however make certain technical modifications. Such modifications include, but are not limited to, reducing image resolution, reducing video resolution, blocking traffic, and optimizing text-based payloads.  These modifications are an integral part of the service and you hereby acknowledge and agree to them. If you do not agree to these modifications, please do not use the service.

Your dealings with any wireless, telecommunications or other carrier (“Carrier”) in connection with the services are solely between you and the Carrier. Wandera is not responsible or liable for any part of any such dealings. You are solely responsible for, and Wandera will not have any liability to you for, any access or usage charges charged by a Carrier related to any device, including without limitation any data charges for handheld devices.

Certain applications may not respect settings in the device configuration profile or may utilize alternative non-web protocols that could result in traffic passing outside of the services remit, and therefore would not be monitored or protected. Please refer to our Wandera Customer Knowledgebase for a comprehensive breakdown of unsupported ports, protocols and applications, as updated from time to time.

If an end user’s mobile data request is blocked within the browser, the service will normally deliver a blocked page. If the request is via an app, the app will be unable to complete its web requests successfully. The administrator can also set up alerts to be delivered via email.

The availability and functionality of the service depends on various factors and elements, including software, hardware and communication networks, which are partially provided by third parties. We do not warrant or guarantee that the service will operate without disruption, limitations, delays, errors or interruptions, or that it will be accessible, or available at all times, or immune from unauthorized access or error-free.