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Competitive Analysis & Talk Tracks

Chances are, most of your customers are investing in remote access tools. Remote access solutions come in many flavors, so we’ve broken down the different options to show you how Wandera Private Access is changing the game.

Private Access vs. UEM Tunnel

A UEM tunnel is a VPN-based solution that’s offered by a device management vendor, not a security company.

  • Private Access is easier to deploy and manage even for personal and unmanaged devices.
  • Wandera is an integrated offering for all network traffic – in one solution: data management, compliance, Mobile Threat Defense, and remote access.
  • Intune doesn’t have a VPN offering, making Private Access an obvious choice for customers using or moving to Intune.
  • Private Access is built for data living in different estates (private cloud, on-premise, etc) whereas UEM-based solutions are optimized for a single data center.

“We already have a UEM tunnel”

UEM tunnel only supports managed devices. It requires the deployment of on premise hardware and software. Bottom-line: it’s expensive, Wandera Private Access supports all devices without an expensive price tag.

Private Access vs. Enterprise VPN

We challenge you to find an IT administrator that likes their VPN. Many have put up with its downfalls because there was no better option. Now, there is.

  • Private Access is optimized for mobile. It’s quick to set up and provides incredibly fast connectivity to any app.
  • Built in the cloud, Private Access is constantly optimized to provide the best possible performance and is simple to deploy.
  • Private Access is security reimagined, providing the highest level of protection without getting in the way.

“We’ve already got a VPN in place, with per user licencing.”

Wandera Private Access can accommodate per user licencing too – at a much lower cost, above and below the line. It’s flexible model makes it great for businesses looking to expand the number of remote workers or add mobile support.

Private Access vs Software-Defined Perimeter solutions

A Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) solution is a next-generation remote access which adheres to zero trust principles and removes the excessive trust once required to allow employees and partners to access applications.

  1. SDP providers have added mobile/personal/unmanaged devices as an afterthought, and user and admin can tell. Wandera was built with these in mind.
  2. Wandera integrates context aware policies including device risk posture and other threat categories thanks to our integrated Threat Defense.
  3. Private Access is simple to deploy with fuss-free user onboarding via popular directory services including Azure AD and more
  4. Wandera uses the latest networking protocols to make lightspeeds faster than many SDP services, which were built using VPN technology.

“Sounds the same as other vendors, what are you actually doing that’s different?”

Simply put: Wandera is faster, more secure and easier to use, a side-by-side trial will prove it!

Private Access vs. Reverse proxy

A Reverse-Proxy is effectively a website, or portal, which gives you access to your private apps. “Access Gateway” and “Clientless” are other common names for this approach. Though some vendors market it as ZTNA it lacks key features:

  • Wandera’s app increases visibility of device, app, content and network threats and can be used to drive access policies.
  • Improved network routing and increases connection speed and performance.
  • Reverse-proxy feature on-premise connectors, this can increase the deployment time and requires ongoing maintenance.
  • Easy to configure access for SaaS, remote desktop, and mobile to API use cases.

“We think our reverse proxy covers everything we need.”

Reverse proxy is great if you only want to support web apps. After trialling Wandera Private Access, customers see the benefit of supporting more modern use cases such as SaaS apps, mobile devices and APIs.

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