Wandera & Telstra

Telstra has brought a world of productivity and freedom to the workplace. In recent years, this increase in employee mobility has presented some of the largest IT challenges to your customers. Controlling costs, implementing an acceptable usage policy and keeping devices secure have proved extremely difficult for many mobility leaders. Telstra powered by Wandera confronts these challenges head on.

Data Policy

Does your customer want to stay on top of rising mobile data costs?

  • Gain real-time insights on mobile data usage
  • Optimize usage with flexible policies
  • Eliminate costly roaming overages
  • Use notifications, blocks, caps and compression to control data costs
  • Define personal use to eliminate productivity drain
  • Apply content filtering to block access to content by category (for example, adult, gambling, or illegal sites)
  • Ensure usage is compliant with government regulations

Conversation Starters

Use our email template and our Guide To Mobile Cost Management to warm up a customer whose data use is on the rise.

Product Resources

Share our expense management datasheet, our ROI datasheet or use our expense management slide deck in your next presentation.

Case Studies

Check out how Frontier reduced their bill by 78% or share how DLA Piper uses Wandera to save 85% on data.

Mobile Threat Defense

Are your customers concerned about security on mobile devices?

  • Protect mobile devices from all forms of cyber threat (e.g., phishing attacks, malware)
  • Protecting customer and corporate data
  • Permit or deny access to corporate tools based on device risk with Continuous Conditional Access

Conversation Starters

Use our email template and Guide to Understanding the Mobile Threat Landscape to warm up a customer who does not have a mobile security solution in place.

Product Resources

Share our Enterprise Mobile Security datasheet with your security conscious customers. Or see what the analysts are saying in the Gartner Market Guide.

Case Studies

Check out how Frontier reduced their bill by 78% or share how DLA Piper uses Wandera to save 85% on data.

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Working with Wandera

We are a partner-centric organization and will work with you to help your customers get more value and tighter security for their organization’s growing mobile data usage.


Your customers with iOS, Samsung phones and tablets and Windows 10 laptops and tablets are a great fit for Mobile Data Policy.


Deal registration is encouraged but not required. A registered deal will alert your Wandera representative to contact you. You can also reach out to mobileiron@wandera.com with questions.


Your dedicated Wandera representative will offer any other assistance to ensure the sale of the solution, e.g. product demos, proof of concepts, or customized customer presentations.

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