55% of businesses report having 20 or more tools between security and operations, and 70% of these tools lack full integration

Coordinated lifecycle management

Wandera and VMware simplify and streamline technology workflows, allowing IT teams to focus on delivering projects instead of managing tools. Together they form a comprehensive and modern enterprise solution that removes silos, and automates security and access policies across the digital workspace.

A Forrester survey found that 55% of businesses report having 20 or more tools between security and operations, and 70% of these tools lack full integration. This is reinforced by an IDC survey that found 52% of businesses have difficulty integrating disparate security solutions.

Out of the box integration enables any business with VMware Workspace ONE to benefit from the complementary features. Wandera’s long-standing partnership and integration with VMware has benefited thousands of organizations around the world who strive to manage their environment in a more sophisticated manner.

Augment the entire lifecycle


VMware and Wandera reduce the management and security barriers preventing businesses from using any new application or service. Wandera can be deployed to any Workspace ONE managed device using zero-touch technology that removes the need for end users to take any actions to enroll protected devices. This integration supports Apple Business Manager which means new iOS devices are ready to be managed by VMware Workspace ONE and secured by the Wandera Security Cloud out of the box.


Preconfigured connectors allow the Wandera Security Cloud and VMware Workspace ONE to synchronize identity information. As an administrator modifies users in Workspace ONE their respective information in the Wandera Security Cloud is updated. For example, joining a new team could automatically trigger assigned apps to be pushed to the user’s device, and the Wandera Security Cloud to securely route the user’s traffic to those protected apps.


Conditional access policies allow customized responses to be actioned when certain threats are detected without intervention from the administrator. The Wandera Security Cloud features an advanced threat detection engine, intelligence from this engine is communicated to the Workspace ONE platform prompting automated responses. If Wandera detects that the threat or risk level has increased Workspace ONE can uninstall corporate applications, activate a screen lock and even wipe enterprise data from the device.


Recent waves of digital transformation resulted in even more enterprise assets that needed to be protected and niche security tools that needed to be managed. Wandera’s integration with Workspace ONE Intelligence enables threat intelligence and security events from Wandera’s service to be consumed by IT teams in a single console and incorporated into a single robust and consistent policy that enhances security across all enrolled devices.

Threat Intelligence

As long-standing partners, Wandera is a founding member of the VMware Mobile Security Alliance, in which industry players share threat intelligence and promote security best practice.

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