Going beyond EMM with data-level visibility and policy

Wandera for VMware is the only solution that gives organizations a real-time view of data flowing to and from mobile devices. This granular visibility allows administrators to set policies to boost employees productivity and ensure compliance across their mobile fleet. The solution is made possible by Wandera’s pioneering web gateway for mobile that sits directly in the pathway of mobile data, continuously monitoring traffic and performing inline policy actions.


Data Management

Are you struggling to analyze or control data usage and behavior? Do you have devices across multiple carriers and want complete visibility?


Are you concerned about employee productivity? Want to ensure corporate devices are being used in the right ways?

Mobile Threat Defense

Are you worried about a data breach? Do you want to ensure malware, data leaks and phishing attacks are prevented?


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Ensuring mobile-centric compliance with GDPR

With GDPR and other updates to data regulation looming, organizations must adapt their mobile strategies to remain compliant and avoid increased fines. With Wandera and VMware, admins can get total visibility into the device, the applications and the transit of sensitive data, helping inform risk policies. The combined solution will allow you to identify leaking applications, detect insecure WiFi networks and prevent phishing attacks, dramatically reducing the chance of a data breach incident.

Success Stories

Wandera + Workspace ONE: Better Together

Wandera by VMware has been designed to work alongside AirWatch. You can deploy Wandera Over-The-Air (OTA) across any number of mobile devices directly from the Workspace ONE console. Once deployed, the Wandera mobile gateway infrastructure sits in the pathway of the data as it is transmitted, providing a new layer of data analysis beyond the endpoint. Wandera is fully integrated withWorkspace ONE, enabling synchronized administration and bidirectional policy management.


How is Wandera deployed to devices?

Wandera can be deployed with or without an EMM tool, but customers already using AirWatch will be able to deploy instantly, silently and zero-touch.

Does Wandera deploy silently on any AirWatch managed device?

Wandera can be deployed over the air for iOS devices.

Does Wandera control voice traffic?

No, Wandera manages data over a cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

Where is my customer’s data stored?

Data is stored in Dublin, Ireland. The privacy standards are higher in the EU than in the US.

How long is my customer’s data stored for?

Data is stored for 12 months, unless otherwise specified.

Does my customer need any additional hardware or software?

Wandera is a cloud solution and does not require additional hardware or software.

What is +WiFi and does it cost more?

Wandera’s standard solution helps companies secure and manage their cellular data. +WiFi is a solution for organizations which want the functionality of Wandera over WiFI. There is an additional cost associated with this service.

Does Wandera support multiple data plans for one customer?


Is Wandera carrier agnostic?


Does Wandera drain the device battery?

No, less than 1% of overall battery life is lost on devices running Wandera.

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