When customers purchase our solution, they usually have a particular goal in mind. This could be any number of things, whether it’s getting users securely connected to corporate applications, protecting the mobile fleet against threats, or enforcing an acceptable use policy.

Wandera has the ability to help companies succeed in all of these areas. That being said, choosing from an extensive number of policy options can be intimidating. For instance, which sites and apps drain data plans and hinder productivity? Which sites and apps should you block to ensure safe browsing and limit security risk? Which sites and apps should be blocked to reduce legal risk?

Wandera’s Smart Policy feature is designed to answer these questions and get you up and running quickly.

Smart Policy

This new feature has been designed for those admins who want a convenient, quick, smart implementation of policy to jump-start the configuration of their Wandera deployment, while still allowing for further customization.

smart policy.

Smart policy will offer administrators the option to implement any combination of pre-defined ‘one-click’ policies.
These groupings have been carefully hand-picked by our product team, based on their expertise and experience handling multiple customer use cases and policy configurations.

Our team has listened and learned from customers, enabling us to nail down the best practices for your mobile fleet.
The three policy options customers will now have to choose from at launch are as follows:

High Bandwidth:

This policy option blocks mobile content categories that tend to use high levels of bandwidth. As you can imagine, if a site or app exhibits high bandwidth, this usually means it’s using a lot of data. Admins will have the option to enforce this policy for domestic and/or roaming connections only. They can then make high bandwidth content available to devices that are connected to Wi-Fi.

Blocks within the high bandwidth policy include content categories such as:

  • Video & Photo
  • Audio
  • Social Media

High Risk:

This policy is for those admins concerned with security and acceptable use. Selecting this option automatically blocks mobile devices from accessing high-risk categories of content. These are sites and apps that have been known, for example, to host malware or push malicious ads to users in the form of malvertising. Enabling this policy also ensures employees are unable to access sites and apps that might be considered inappropriate or NSFW (not safe for work).

A few examples of the content categories that the high-risk policy blocks include:

  • Adult
  • Illegal
  • Extreme
  • Gambling

Optimized Data Usage:

This policy stays true to its name in that it provides admins with a baseline, balanced approach to sensible usage. It includes content categories containing popular sites and apps that are drivers of high usage across Wandera’s global network of mobile devices. This policy an ideal starting point for admins looking to curb usage, that can be altered and added to as required.

The optimized data usage policy blocks the following categories:

  • Youtube
  • Games
  • Other App Stores

Keen to try it out?

In just a few weeks’ time, Smart Policy will be available to all admins in the RADAR portal. You’ll only have to navigate to the Policy section to find it.

If you’re interested in getting started with Wandera, schedule a demo now for a free security assessment and trial of our services.