Mobile Security Masters

Wandera offers a technical training course for qualified partner reps who are interested in upscaling their Wandera knowledge and sales skills.

Wandera’s Mobile Security Masters (MSM) program prepares you to stand out among your peers as an expert in mobility and security.

By enrolling in our certification program you’ll have access to rich training content including videos, quizzes, and virtual or in-person sessions, all designed to expand your expertise.

Demonstrate your mastery and you’ll be issued a Mobile Security Master badge – you can also unlock cool gifts and cash.

Include your badge in your email signature, your LinkedIn profile, or use it to promote your expertise to the communities, individuals or projects that are important to you.

How it works

Complete Coursework

Identify your areas of development

From a single console, you can access our course curriculum and manage your progress. When you feel adequately prepared, take the master-class exam.

Master-class Exam

Pass the master-class exam

A passing grade of 24/30 (or 80%) will trigger an invite to schedule a live exam with your assigned program accreditor. Use your score as an indicator of your preparedness to advance to the next stage.

Live Presentation

Sell us the solution

A one-hour video call will be scheduled in which you’ll present and demo the solution to Wandera’s certification team. We’ll hit you with tough questions and advice on how to handle them.

Demonstrate your proficiency and expertise today