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Built on the largest set of threat data

MI:RIAM learns in real time through signals from 425 million sensors around the globe that actively provide input into its algorithms. The wide, diverse range of security signals received by MI:RIAM includes:

Wandera’s endpoint app

MI:RIAM observes indicators such as OS versions, security update versions, system parameters, and device configuration details; this includes checks for the modification of system libraries and privilege escalation.

Wireless infrastructure

MI:RIAM monitors wireless and cellular network traffic for unsanctioned, suspicious or malicious behavior; this includes checks for invalid or spoofed certificates and for protocol attacks such as SSL stripping.

Network connections

MI:RIAM monitors network traffic for connections to known phishing domains, signals to command-and-control traffic, and for possible data exfiltration.

MI:RIAM at work

Analytics from MI:RIAM enable timely responses to rapidly spreading threats.


Block new phishing attacks the first time they’re seen: MI:RIAM’s analysis of all network requests enables zero-day phishing prevention, meaning users never see a phishing attack, regardless of whether it arrived via email, SMS, or an app.


Block malware downloads before the code is installed: MI:RIAM’s risk assessment of third-party app stores and any app files they distribute enables the service to block malware downloads from third-party app stores and prevent infections.

App Vetting

Establish an app vetting workflow so that only approved apps are installed: MI:RIAM’s assessment of apps enables IT professionals to review app intelligence and decide what should and should not be installed on devices within the organization.

Why Wandera

Zero-day protection

MI:RIAM is able to predict, identify and block zero-day threats. Unknown threats are identified through analyzing domain compositions, keywords, branding and various other factors.

Continual internet scans

MI:RIAM uses a multi-modal machine learning approach, analyzing various feeds and applying specifically trained models to ensure that you’re equipped with the most up-to-date information to protect your organization.

Deep app insights

MI:RIAM goes beyond signature-based technologies, gathering deep behavioral insights on apps installed and connected to your network, calculating a risk score and deciding the next steps.

Anomaly identification

Your users will have ‘normal’ patterns of behavior — MI:RIAM builds a picture of what constitutes normal, flagging anomalies and stopping risky behaviors.

Artificial + Human intelligence

MI:RIAM is complemented by our expert team of threat researchers. In addition to fine-tuning MI:RIAM’s efficacy, the team conducts its own investigations and analysis to broaden our threat data.

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