In preparation for our upcoming webinar , Managing Mobile Data Usage in the Enterprise: Why you can’t afford to fly blind when it comes to company mobile data on Wednesday, November 13, we are getting to know mobility analyst, Chris Marsh.

After doing a degree in International Relations at St. Andrews University in Scotland, I started an agency career in Research and Advisory for a number of financial services organisations, and then came to head Yankee Group’s enterprise mobility research practice via a fascinating time spent in Nokia’s strategic mobile insights team just as the first iPhone hit the market.
There are a number of next big things in mobility that we are evaluating in Yankee Group including the rise of the connected ‘internet of things’, the deepening contextualisation of precision mobile commerce, and the impact we will see right across the mobile ecosystem of the combination of mobile and cloud for big data.
Biggest indulgence on a business trip? I rather indulged myself in noodles and banh mi in San Francisco’s Little Hanoi on a recent business trip.
I use way too much data in a month. My monthly bill for August was £127, £98 last month.A combination of having to make the odd work call to the US from London while out and about, an obsessive desire to constantly check my work email and download attachments, a silly amount of uploading of photos onto Facebook, conversing on Skype, and a lot of time reading and streaming content from apps like The Economist and BBC. It’s challenging to determine how much is work and how much professional usage in order to be recompensed for the work part.
My favorite app is Tesco’s mobile app. I’d rather not spend my time traipsing around one of their stores, the experience of which is not exactly ‘up there’, but to their credit their mobile app is very good. I have spent many a satisfying half an hour browsing their world food sections and ordering my weekly shop all on my mobile. I now spend about a fifth of the time on my weekly shop than I used to visiting a physical store. It’s restored my faith a little in the Tesco brand. In second place Facebook’s mobile app – perfect for directly uploading photos from my device and staying in touch with friends.
My first mobile phone was a small brick-like Nokia almost as thick as it was long , with about a one inch screen and natty plastic cover, that my brother palmed off on me. Now I love using Samsung’s Galaxy Note, although the combination of phablet, slim fit jeans and shoe laces always coming undone can be hazardous.
The best piece of advice I ever received was, in becoming more centred don’t underestimate the power of just sitting still and watching your thoughts go in and out uninterrupted – the collective advice given by the monastics at the Amaravati Buddhist monastery. Life will throw complexity your way whether you ask for it or not, so look to simplify what is under your control so as not to get frazzled.
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It’s challenging to determine how much is work and how much professional usage in order to be recompensed for the work part.