Securing and enabling healthcare workers during COVID-19

Aspen Medical is a global provider of healthcare solutions. Aspen Medical was recently contracted by the Department of Health in Australia to support the set-up of GP-led Respiratory Clinics (GPRCs) around Australia. As part of this project, Aspen Medical purchased 1,000 Samsung tablets and approximately 100 Apple iPads for clinic staff to document COVID-19 related health information in the GPRCs.

Aspen Medical was seeking a security solution for the tablets that would address several key requirements. First, it needed to defend the device against attacks that would risk the exposure of sensitive medical data. Second, the solution would need to provide protection to the GPRC staff from social engineering attacks, like phishing. Finally, it needed to guarantee the enforcement of acceptable use policies.

Star 21, a leading Telstra Enterprise Mobility Partner introduced Wandera to Aspen Medical and assisted with the deployment of the solution.

Aspen Medical’s IT team purchased Wandera’s Security Suite which includes protection against the full spectrum of threats as well as a data policy component to address shadow IT risks, and inappropriate use via content filtering.

“In terms of risk, we identified that we needed a mobile security solution to further safeguard the tablets and iPads deployed to the GPRCs. Wandera already provide mobile security solutions to Aspen Medical and they quickly rolled out the Wandera security suite to the GPRC sites.”

Wandera’s security technology is cloud-based so it can scan mobile connections for threats and block them in real-time. In just three months, Aspen Medical saw 682 security events blocked. This is a combination of outside-in attacks (like malware trying to communicate with command and control) and inside-out attacks (like user’s clicking on phishing links).

Aspen Medical’s staff might connect to public Wi-Fi networks while working and traveling which exposes the devices to risk. Wandera protects the devices from risky hotspots with man-in-the-middle detection.

Security and privacy of data is a top priority for Aspen Medical. With the insight and protection that Wandera provides, Aspen Medical can be proactive in addressing and remediating any vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently.

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Founded in 2003 by Glenn Keys AO, Aspen Medical is an Australian-owned, multi award-winning, global provider of guaranteed and innovative healthcare solutions across a diverse range of sectors and clients including Defence, Mining & Resources, Oil & Gas, Government and Humanitarian.