Mobile Threat Landscape Report 2020

2020 promises to be another momentous year for mobile security, with cyber attacks growing rapidly in sophistication and distribution. This report will cover the key mobile security trends that emerged last year and offer high-level recommendations for the year ahead.


It was a particularly tumultuous year for mobile security teams, which were faced with a number of hair-raising incidents. Popular gaming apps were used as a platform to launch sophisticated phishing attacks. The official app stores failed to identify several advanced attack techniques and, ultimately, were responsible for distributing malicious apps. A series of iOS vulnerabilities were discovered, affecting Apple’s FaceTime and iMessage apps. And hackers were able to exploit a remote vulnerability in WhatsApp to install spyware, putting more than a billion users at risk.

As organizations fight to secure their valuable data against an ever-growing range of threats, fears of data breaches and increasing regulations around data security and privacy are keeping CISOs up at night. In 2019, high-profile breaches continued to capture public attention, with data leaks coming from household names including Capital One, Zinga, Houzz, Quest Diagnostics, and Dubsmash.

Everybody is waiting for a major breach to happen on a mobile device. The reality is that mobile devices — just like all other enterprise endpoints — are where attack often start, but rarely where they end. Mobile devices expose data “bread crumbs” (such as login credentials) that can lead hackers to data jackpots.

This report aims to help you understand which threats you need to worry about by examining key security trends and data from organizations that have embraced mobile computing. The key trends we’ve identified concern: app store security, malware, vulnerabilities, phishing attacks, and data privacy.

Our analysis includes data from Wandera’s global network of 425 million sensors, and represents both corporate-owned and BYOD assets, making it the world’s largest and most insightful mobile dataset. With Wandera’s unique architecture, this annual report is the most comprehensive look at the risks facing remote workers and mobile-enabled businesses today.

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