Understanding the Mobile Threat Landscape in 2019

It should be another momentous year for mobile security, with cyber attacks growing rapidly in sophistication and distribution. This report will cover the key mobile security trends that emerged last year as well as summarize thoughts for the mobile threat landscape for the year ahead.

What you’ll learn from the report:

  • Current trends in the mobile threat landscape
  • Key threats to be aware of in 2019
  • The risks that mobile present
  • How to protect your business


It was a scary time for IT and security teams in 2018. Attacks that exploited AI features, sophisticated malware in broad distribution, unrecognizable phishing techniques, and widespread abuse of location data were just a few of the trends that made 2018 a particularly tumultuous year for security teams.

As organizations fight to secure their valuable data against an ever-growing range of threats, the fear of a data breach is keeping CISOs up at night. In 2018, one breach headline after another captured public attention, with high-profile data leaks hitting Marriott Starwood Hotels, British Airways, MyFitnessPal, T-Mobile, Google and Facebook.

Additionally, 2018 was the year that GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into effect. With heftier fines for data breaches and a shorter window of time for affected companies to report known breaches, 2019 is poised to be the “Year of GDPR Lawsuits”. A prime case in point was Google being fined $57m under the GDPR regime in the first month of the year.

Why do malicious actors seek to infiltrate corporate devices? How are they getting past existing security measures? What makes the current mobile security climate so volatile? This report aims to answer these questions by reflecting on the latest wave of mobile threats and vulnerabilities, reporting on the threat landscape, and making projections for the year ahead. The data in this report comes from our network of corporate-enabled mobile devices across thousands of enterprise customers globally, making up the world’s largest mobile security dataset.

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