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Trojan malware affecting 17 apps on the app store

Wandera’s threat research team has discovered 17* apps on the Apple App Store that are infected with clicker trojan malware.

Adware on
Google play store

Wandera’s threat research team has discovered two adware apps on the Google Play Store with a combined 1.5M+ downloads.

Scary Granny

Wandera’s threat research team has discovered an app with malicious functionality on the Google Play Store.

In the past 12 months, Wandera Threat Labs has detected:

malware incidents

phishing incidents

W-Fi incidents

out-of-date operating systems

data leaks

disabled lockscreens

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Say hello to MI:RIAM_

We combine the strength of human and machine intelligence to tackle the challenges of mobile security. MI:RIAM, our advanced machine intelligence engine, identifies and eliminates the industry’s broadest range of known and unknown zero-day threats.

Over a period of 12 months, MI:RIAM processes:

unique domains

web requests


“Our threat intelligence engine MI:RIAM analyzes billions of mobile inputs each day using a wide range of data science techniques. When it comes to phishing, MI:RIAM has a proven industry-leading 98% efficacy of recognizing and proactively blocking mobile phishing attempts.”

Michael Covington | VP of product strategy at Wandera

About Wandera Threat Labs

Wandera Labs is made up of experienced security experts and data scientists. The team comes from companies including X X X , with XXXX qualitifcations.

Their job is to continually hunt for vulnerabilities, zero-day threats, malicious and suspicious apps, and data leaks.

From international airlines exposing precious customer data to new strains of malware hitting official app stores, the Wandera Threat Labs unearths security threats and alerts businesses to incidents that could put their mobile fleets at risk. Each new threat is classified by severity, threat type, impact, target and response enabling you to swiftly address each new threat before it impacts your business.

Our responsible disclosure policy

We follow an industry standard 4-week responsible disclosure period to ensure security issues are promptly resolved and made known to the public.

Press enquiries

For press enquiries, please contact press@wandera.com

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