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First iOS 13 jailbreak tool: Checkra1n

A new jailbreak tool for iOS 13 enables permanent jailbreaking for all iPhone models between the 4s and X as well as for earlier iPad models. Developed by a group…

How do I know if I’ve been cryptojacked?

What is cryptojacking? Cryptojacking is the unauthorized use of someone else’s computer to mine cryptocurrency. The crypto mining code works in the background as unsuspecting victims use their computers normally.…

Gartner Market Guide to Mobile Threat Defense Solutions

The report helps security leaders better understand the mobile threat defense market and shortlist solutions currently available that best fit their specific needs.

It concludes that security and risk management leaders must familiarize themselves with mobile threat defense solutions and plan to integrate them to mitigate mobile risks.

The malware table of variants

Whether it’s spyware or ransomware, get a sense of the latest malware threats affecting mobile devices in the enterprise.


Vitas Healthcare

Vitas Healthcare

“We felt that we were already protected because of the restrictions we had on the devices from a EMM perspective, but since deploying Wandera, we’ve learned about and fully understand some of the threats that get around EMMs such as mobile malware, different types of phishing attacks, leaking sites and apps and sideloaded apps. With hindsight, we can now see that Wandera is really protecting us from some of the risks that quite frankly we thought we were immune to.”

Patient health records are extremely valuable. As the healthcare industry digitizes more and more of its services it’s being increasingly targeted by hackers attempting to gain access to sensitive records. VITAS, the largest hospice care provider in the US, needed a solution to secure employee mobile devices in order to continue innovating while remaining secure.

Wedlake Bell

Wedlake Bell

“Firewall used to be the edge of your network, that was your perimeter. iPhones, you have to protect those like a PC and ultimately they spend most of their time outside your perimeter so a change of strategy is needed.”

This international law firm headquartered in the UK has been helping its clients in legal matters since 1780. Like many other organizations with a large number of knowledge workers, they have embraced the benefits of mobile working – lawyers can now access sensitive customer documents, look up legislation and edit files on the go. They need to be secured.

Mobile Phishing Report

This whitepaper looks at the evolution of mobile phishing – examining why and how people get phished. It explores the prevalence and severity of enterprise phishing techniques, providing actionable advice for how best to protect your mobile devices.

Latest phishing articles

How do I know if I’ve been phished?

As part of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we want to make sure employees understand the various threats attacking their mobile devices. This article will focus on phishing – how to…

someone doing their taxes

Watch out for HMRC tax rebate phishing scams

Tax season, the time of year you find out your filing system isn’t as organized as you thought and you’re left scrabbling around trying to find the necessary documents to…

What is spear phishing?

Hackers are becoming increasingly adept at creating links and landing pages that trick users into giving up their sensitive personal or organizational data. While many of these attacks are targeted…

Facebook phishing scams: how to spot and prevent them

Facebook has had a tough time lately: Cambridge Analytica (and others), disinformation campaigns, data breaches – the bad news seems to be coming thick and fast. Unsurprisingly the security of…

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iOS exploit

Suggested Contacts Vulnerability
June 2018

Qobuz app

PII leak, Credentials Leak
April 2018

RedDrop malware

Spyware, SMS Fraud, Data Exfiltration, 
Feb 2018

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