Protection against outside-in and inside-out mobile threats

We’re the only mobile security provider to address both sides of mobile risk – the cyber threats targeting mobile endpoints, and the data exposures like shadow IT arising from employee mobile usage. All through one integrated solution.

Multi-level: Security at the endpoint and in the network

Most mobile solutions only provide cyber threat detection at the endpoint. We go beyond with a multi-level approach offering dynamic security in the network, stopping attacks at source like zero-day phishing, and preventing rogue access to corporate cloud applications. Threat Intelligence is powered by MI:RIAM, the world’s leading machine learning for mobile risk.

No trade-off between enterprise security and user privacy

You no longer need to balance securing your own data and the privacy of your users. We secure your mobile endpoints and the access to your cloud applications. But we also safeguard the privacy of your users online and protect them from getting phished.

The right security for bring-your-own and corporate devices

Each mobile ownership model requires different levels of control for your organization and for your users. We provide the ideal solution for each mobile use case, including BYOD, COPE or COBO, and can integrate them all to support your mixed estate.

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