Jamf Private Access

Cloud-hosted secure remote access – enable simple, secure, and fast Zero Trust Network Access to any type of corporate resource. Eliminate the broad discoverability and reachability of data and apps.

  • Provide users the flexibility to work any time, anywhere with secure remote access – for unmanaged and BYOD.
  • Restrict access to sensitive apps and data for compromised devices.
  • Increases visibility and understand who is accessing applications in real-time and identify shadow IT usage.
  • Cloud-based service which requires no on-premise equipment.

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ZTNA has become an attractive solution for organizations wanting a flexible alternative to legacy VPN or those needing precise access and security controls for applications. Security and risk management leaders should start piloting ZTNA solutions to overcome modern access challenges.

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Jamf Threat Defense

Protect against all cyber threats, from device vulnerabilities to phishing to malicious or risky apps, with multi-level cloud and endpoint security. Manage risks with MI:RIAM, our advanced threat intelligence engine.

  • Highly effective endpoint security.
  • Real-time prevention of network attacks.
  • Adaptive access to your cloud applications based on risk.

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Jamf Data Policy

Prevent non-business data use from impacting productivity, causing bill shock and increasing legal risk. Control how, when, and where your data is used. Enforce acceptable use, eliminate shadow IT, and optimize data utilization in the cloud.

  • Get a firm grip on data consumption with real-time analytics and detailed reporting.
  • Prevent data leaks and minimize legal liability with acceptable use and content filtering rules.
  • Avoid bill shock by limiting non-business data usage via capping and roaming policies.

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Unify security for your remote workers

Enable consistent and real-time security for multiple use cases and across any endpoint, through one single solution.

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“With hindsight, we can now see that Wandera is really giving us visibility into some of the risks that quite frankly we thought we were immune to.”

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Zero trust cloud security for your connected enterprise

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