Trusted Mobile Access

Zero-trust solution for enabling mobile access to cloud applications

Trusted mobile access uses principles of software defined perimeter to provide enterprises with a flexible approach to securing their cloud applications. Using Wandera’s Trusted Mobile Access products enterprises can secure access to their cloud services natively using Wandera or via your cloud management provider. And the best part: you can do all this without burdening your IT team to make any backend infrastructure changes.

Trusted Mobile Access: Signal

TMA Signal enables access decisions that are based on continuous mobile risk assessments. With TMA Signal a third-party service or app receives Wandera’s risk assessment as an ingredient for its access policy decisions

Wandera’s risk assessments are powered by our threat intelligence engine, MI:RIAM which continuously monitors devices, users and apps for both cyber and usage-based risk indicators.

Trusted Mobile Access: Broker

TMA Broker provides a secured network route between a sanctioned device and the cloud services they need access to. Any user – employee, partner, contractor has access as long as they are on a sanctioned device. Users not on a sanctioned device have no access to cloud resources.

Users have seamless access to cloud application regardless of their location without setting up cumbersome VPN. Only the necessary application is visible to the user limiting risk exposure for organisations.

Trusted Mobile Access: Enforce

TMA Enforce provides end-to-end security for accessing cloud services ensuring data is protected on the device, in transit and during the entire duration of access. TMA Enforce combines the comprehensive mobile risk assessments of Signal with the benefits of the TMA Broker to independently enforce access to all your sensitive cloud services.

Trusted Mobile Access Benefits

ZTNA without expensive re-designs

Achieve ZTNA architecture in a fraction of the time, simply by deploying a mobile app vs. infrastructure re-designs

Facilitate adaptive access to cloud

Only solution that provides risk assessments at user and device level AND facilitates adaptive access to cloud application

A better user experience

Simplify user access experience across all your cloud applications regardless of user location

Continuous conditional access

True continuous conditional access for all apps/services, even if mobile apps have a valid API access token