Wandera Private Access is a Zero Trust Network Access solution. Delivered in the cloud. Deployed in minutes.

Flexibility for your teams to work anytime, anywhere, on all platforms, on any managed or BYOD device. Restrict access from unsecured or infected devices. Increase visibility into application access in real-time and identify shadow IT.

"Provisioning safe remote access in these challenging times needn't be a headache for enterprises, as Wandera's Private Access provides an elegantly simple, yet highly secure, ZTNA solution."

“Wandera offers native cloud integrations with our identity provider, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, so we can authenticate the user, protect the connection, and facilitate a fast login to both SaaS and enterprise apps.”

Strong Security

  • Identity-centric security model ensures that only authorized users can connect to business applications. Policy enforcement is consistent across data centers, clouds, and SaaS applications.
  • Application-based microtunnels connect users only to the applications they are specifically authorized to access. Microtunnels are used to enforce least privilege access and prevent lateral network movement.
  • Risk-aware access policies enhance security by preventing access from users and devices that may be compromised.

Enhanced Manageability

  • Integration with your identity services enables user authentication through SSO and eliminates the need to manage certificates.
  • Modern cloud infrastructure makes deployment easy. There’s no hardware to manage, no support contracts to renew, and no complex software to configure You don’t even need to have administrative control of a device to enable secure access. 
  • Unified access policy that spans all hosting locations (on-premises, private and public clouds, and SaaS applications), all modern operating systems, and all management paradigms.

Intuitive user experience

  • Blazing fast connectivity with a modern protocol that is secure. Uncompromised access to business apps without impacting battery life. Wandera Private Access operates silently in the background without interfering with the user experience.
  • Intelligent split tunnelling ensures that business connections are secured while enabling non-business applications to route directly to the Internet, preserving end-user privacy and optimizing network infrastructure.
  • A lightweight application designed so that users forget that it is even there. Wandera Private Access automatically establishes tunnels when applications need to connect and seamlessly reconnects if there is disruption.

Wandera Private Access Architecture

ZTNA has become an attractive solution for organizations wanting a flexible alternative to legacy VPN or those needing precise access and security controls for applications. Security and risk management leaders should start piloting ZTNA solutions to overcome modern access challenges.

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Using Wandera Private Access couldn’t be easier

  • Fast enrolment: it takes only moments to set up the Wandera app on any device. Single Sign-On (SSO) and easy to follow in-app instructions guide users through the process without any unnecessary complexities.
  • Intelligent activations: Wandera Private Access activates whenever it is needed, end-users don’t need to activate or authenticate the service before they use it – it just works. Tunnels are established instantly thanks to Single Packet Authorization.
  • High-speed connectivity: Using a modern protocol and a mobile-first approach, Wandera Private Access is four times faster than legacy remote access solutions. It is so fast you can stream video calls without issue. The connections are also highly stable and reconnect automatically when users transition networks or wake the device, ensuring productivity is not interrupted.

“The Wandera solution is great, especially regarding remote access to private apps on unmanaged devices, content filtering for managed devices, and dynamic app scoring to meet our app vetting process.”

Jim Bryant, MDM Engineer at Santander

Use Cases

Streamlining enterprise workflows

Wandera Private Access eliminates the burden that is often associated with application access management. Real-time reporting and analytics provide insights into application usage, user sessions, infrastructure utilization and more. Protect your business applications and get more from your access investment.

Ensure sanctioned users access your applications securely and with ease

If employees, contractors and other third parties are connecting to your applications remotely, you could be running unnecessary security risks. If you would like a personalized demo of Wandera’s Private Access please get in touch with one of our experts.