76% of enterprises expect to increase the amount of remote access over the next 2 years.

Strong security and increased visibility

Wandera Private Access (WPA) eliminates the broad discoverability and reachability of data and apps that users shouldn’t have access to, and limits access to specific server/application ports, reducing exposure due to server vulnerabilities. It applies adaptive access based on real-time context, to restrict access to sensitive apps and data from compromised devices.

Moreover, WPA dramatically increases visibility for admins as well as their ability to take action. They can understand who is accessing applications in real-time and identify shadow IT usage. User and app data are displayed as human-readable names, not anonymous IP addresses, while audit logs can be exported.

  • Next-gen encryption and networking protocols.
  • Identity-based micro-tunnels secure your corporate apps.
  • Protect sensitive data with adaptive access such as device risk posture and location.

Enhanced user productivity

Security shouldn’t be a barrier to productivity. Provide teams the flexibility to work any time, anywhere by connecting them to the applications they need. Streamlined authentication processes improve security and enable fast seamless remote working.

  • Zero latency issues by eliminating unnecessary traffic backhauling.
  • Silent device authentication or seamless access via SSO.
  • Avoids requirement to re-authenticate every time.
  • Work from anywhere. Applications “just work” no matter where they are, without having to enable VPN profiles or settings.

Scalable and flexible

WPA is a cloud-based service which requires no on-premise equipment. Our service edge dynamically scales to handle unlimited client connections. WPA avoids the cost of full tunnelling all traffic, but without losing visibility and control of what is being accessed (i.e. policy without routing).

  • Configure least-privilege access for applications individually with granular controls.
  • Review security with real-time event visibility and easily audit logs.
  • Integrate IdP and UEM for enhanced management, or SIEM and SOAR for greater visibility.
  • Zero need to configure IP-based interior routing, connect directly to the edge of the data center/cloud.
  • Dynamic split-tunnel eliminates the need to manage IP address ranges and enables cryptography without having to issue or manage certificates.

“The Wandera solution is great, especially regarding remote access to private apps on unmanaged devices, content filtering for managed devices, and dynamic app scoring to meet our app vetting process.”

Jim Bryant, MDM Engineer at Santander

Why Wandera

WPA is a key element of our unified cloud security suite.

Inbuilt security

Our cloud-based software-defined perimeter creates secure isolated connections for each application. Light, fast, and resilient tunnelling and encryption protocols deliver enterprise-grade security.

Defense in depth

Single packet authentication ensures only connection attempts from authorized users are recognized, making your services appear “dark” to everyone else. Adaptive access through detailed user and device risk assessments can influence/block routes in real-time.

Ultimate control

Our app microtunnels enable fine-grained control at connection establishment and throughout active sessions.

Enhanced visibility

Detailed session reporting enables monitoring of active users and the application they are using, detailed audit trail to identify data leaks and malware.

Seamless deployment

As an identity-based solution, the integration with existing directory services enables rapid deployment and management of policies. WPA setup using hostnames, not IP addresses.

User experience

The dynamic split-tunnel routes only the traffic from the device to the associated application, web traffic is sent directly to the internet for an optimal experience. Lightweight, fast, and native.

ZTNA has become an attractive solution for organizations wanting a flexible alternative to legacy VPN or those needing precise access and security controls for applications. Security and risk management leaders should start piloting ZTNA solutions to overcome modern access challenges.

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Ensure sanctioned users access your applications securely and with ease

If employees, contractors and other third parties are connecting to your applications remotely, you could be running unnecessary security risks. If you would like a personalized demo of Wandera’s Private Access please get in touch with one of our experts.

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