In 2019, phishing has become a highly pervasive and damaging security threat with 57% of organizations having experienced a mobile phishing incident. It’s an attack vector which has evolved rapidly over the past decade to become the number one mobile threat.

Phishing Articles & News

How do I know if I’ve been phished?

As part of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we want to make sure employees understand the various threats attacking their mobile devices. This article will focus on phishing – how to…

someone doing their taxes

Watch out for HMRC tax rebate phishing scams

Tax season, the time of year you find out your filing system isn’t as organized as you thought and you’re left scrabbling around trying to find the necessary documents to…

utilities reputation

Why reputation matters for utility companies

Since the Enron disaster in 2001, the utilities industry has been plagued by multiple scandals. While utility companies have the advantage of providing necessary services to the public, the competitive…

What is spear phishing?

Hackers are becoming increasingly adept at creating links and landing pages that trick users into giving up their sensitive personal or organizational data. While many of these attacks are targeted…

Mobile Phishing Report 2018

This whitepaper looks at the evolution of mobile phishing – examining why and how people get phished. It explores the prevalence and severity of enterprise phishing techniques, providing actionable advice for how best to protect your mobile device fleet.

Customer success stories

“It’s good to see that Wandera is blocking threats. For example, there have been nearly 8,000 medium severity events blocked in a month which we may not have been aware of before. It’s good to know that we are being protected from various phishing attacks, malware infections and risky apps that can make their way onto devices.”

The solution

Most mobile solutions only provide cyber threat detection at the endpoint. We go beyond with a multi-level approach offering dynamic security in the network, stopping attacks at source like zero-day phishing, and preventing rogue access to corporate cloud applications. Threat Intelligence is powered by MI:RIAM, the world’s leading machine learning for mobile risk.

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