Mobile Security Suite

Mobile Threat Defense

Multi-level protection for mobile users, endpoints and corporate applications

Security teams worldwide rely on us to eliminate threats, control unwanted access and prevent data breaches.

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Mobile Data Policy

Flexible management of employee mobile usage risks

Manage mobile risks from shadow IT, to acceptable use and excessive data usage with flexible real-time control.

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Misconceptions of mobile security

There is no real risk associated with mobile

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Mobile operating systems are secure enough

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An EMM/UEM solution provides mobile security

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There haven’t been any big breaches due to mobile

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Mobile security in the Zero Trust age

The importance of zero-trust in a BYOD environment

Zero-trust is the vogue term for the security industry with seemingly every company repositioning accordingly, but, for good reason. In a mobile-first world with personal devices being used for work, companies need to reconsider their approach to security.

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What is the Zero Trust Security model and its importance for mobile security

Data breaches have been a continual presence in the news headlines and we know how unnerving it is for security teams to see that organizations of all shapes, sizes and technical proficiencies flogged in the media for their security failings.

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Protect against the broadest range of threats


With a database of over 42 million scanned apps alongside our vetting technology, malicious apps can be identified and blocked keeping your sensitive data safe.


A new phishing site is created every 20 seconds. We work in real time to detect and block zero-day phishing attacks and malicious domains.

Man-in-the-Middle attacks

When the Secure Access Layer identifies a risky network connection, it encrypts all data flowing to and from the device so it can’t be intercepted by an attacker.


We prevent cryptominers from hijacking user CPUs, which degrades endpoint performance and user productivity.

App and data leaks

We detect insecure data transmissions, ensuring malicious actors can’t exploit poorly designed apps to compromise your sensitive data.

Mobile security news

How do I know if I have malware on my phone?

As part of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we want to make sure you understand the various threats attacking your mobile device. This article will focus on malware – how to…

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