Mobile device security

Multi-level protection from mobile threats

Mobile is indisputably the new frontier for cyber threats. Businesses must do more than simply detect when an attack has occurred. For effective risk management and protection against threats, it is imperative that security leaders have meaningful visibility into how devices are being used.

Wandera gives you the visibility you need to protect your devices.

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With an application on the device, Wandera continually scans the device for  malware or other attacks. Wandera’s security engine, compares this data with billions of other data points to uncover new, zero-day threats.


Wandera operates in the network as well as on the device, meaning admins get full visibility of web activity. Coupled with powerful controls, threats can be intercepted before they even reach the device.


Once a device is compromised, attackers will then aim to exfiltrate the data. Keep sensitive information secure and limit the impact of these threats by blocking the outbound connection to external control centers.

Prevent exposures before they happen

Manage your risk

Intelligent CISOs know that effective security strategies require more than simply waiting for the next attack. Mobile security is no different, which is why Wandera provides organizations with the visibility they need to make informed decisions about their exposure to risk.

Detect vulnerabilities

Discover risky configurations in each device, such as an outdated OS, open APK settings or evidence of a jailbreak.

Identify data leaks

Real-time traffic scans help you find leaky sites and apps, eliminating potential data breaches at the source.

Stop rogue file sharing

Prevent employees from carelessly or maliciously using unsanctioned cloud storage services, even within the browser.

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Block risky content

Over half all malware is distributed via adult and gambling sites. Reduce your exposure by limiting access to high-risk sites.

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Mobile Security Index 2019 report

The second annual edition of Verizon’s Mobile Security Index (MSI) has arrived.

Wandera is proud to have contributed data intelligence and analysis to make the report an accurate representation of the mobile threat landscape and how real mobile users are affected by it. Read the full report here.

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