Take control of data consumption and enforce acceptable usage

Limit or block personal usage

If left unmanaged, services like Netflix, YouTube and Spotify can tear through your data allowance and rack up costs. Ensure that personalized usage is capped or blocked in line with what you consider acceptable usage.

Apply contextual policy

Wandera’s solution enables administrators to apply smart rules across groups, categories and usage scenarios, like where the user is in the world, ensuring that data usage is optimized in line with contextual factors.

Real-time insights

Our admin portal provides real-time insights into data usage, providing you with feedback to inform policy decisions.

Protect end user privacy

Privacy is important to end users – no one wants to be working in a surveillance state. Wandera’s solution masks and separates data while offering transparency to your users, ensuring peace of mind.

One-third of enterprise mobile devices routinely access adult, extreme, gambling, and illegal content

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Why Wandera

Stronger security

Real-time data analytics

Enterprise control of usage policy

Improved productivity

Reduced inappropriate content

Discovery of shadow IT

Mobile expense management

Decreased legal liability

Trusted by the world’s best

Customer Case Study


“Apps refreshing in the background and people streaming video and sending large attachments over email meant that monthly bills were extremely high. We needed to put something in place to control that excess data consumption.”

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Enforce acceptable usage and prevent bill shock

If you would like a personalized demo of Wandera’s Data Policy solution or just more information about our content filtering capabilities, get in touch and we’ll have one of our experts reach out.