Percentage of Devices Affected by Phishing Threats Each Week Over the Last 6 Months

We saw a gradual increase in the number of corporate devices encountering phishing domains in the weeks leading up to Christmas, peaking at over 2x as many devices at risk compared to only four months earlier. This sharply declined at the start of 2020 but is now back on the rise.

In the lead up to the end of the tax year, phishing sites imitating tax return forms and rebates are the threat to watch out for.

iOS devices are 4.3x more likely to have an app leaking unencrypted data

Percentage of Devices Reporting Vulnerable Operating Systems

We have seen the number of devices running vulnerable operating systems gradually decreasing over the last six months. This is mostly driven by iOS users continuing to upgrade from versions prior to 12.4. iOS version 12.4, which was released on July 22 2019, patched major vulnerabilities which were discovered by Google’s Project Zero, and existed in all earlier versions.

Despite the very significant risk the discovered vulnerabilities posed to users, initial adoption was slow, as 10 days after release, only 9.6% of corporate devices had updated.

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Content Usage on Corporate Devices

We’ve identified some of the riskiest content categories accessed from corporate devices and usage metrics.

Amount of data (MB) used on cloud storage services by corporate devices

The Dangers of Shadow IT in a Mobile Workforce

With workforces becoming more and more mobile, many users operate outside of the managed infrastructure that provides IT admins with control over devices on their network. This allows users to make use of cloud storage services for storing workrelated data, unaware of the potential security risks.

IT departments are looking to gain the same level of visibility and control over mobile devices as they have for assets within the network. Admins also need to effectively communicate acceptable use policies to ensure users are aware of these risks, and don’t make use of unapproved services.

Mobile is widely being acknowledged as the weak link in the company’s infrastructure and without protection, Shadow IT will not just be a problem for IT, but could end up affecting the whole business through data leakages and security breaches.

iOS devices are 2.3x more likely to be running a vulnerable OS

Trending security risks and threats

Data Science Monthly

This diagram shows a visual representation of how our Machine Learning phishing model identifies unsafe and phishing domains from device traffic. Focussing on the radii of the circles, you can see that less than 10% of traffic falls under the unsafe and phishing categories, but our phishing model checks all domains using multiple data sources to ensure we catch them all.

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