VMware just announced the launch of its Workspace ONE Trust Network API, which offers organizations a unified approach to securing their digital workspaces. It does this by taking all the capabilities built in the Workspace ONE platform and combines them with security partner solutions.

Wandera’s integration with the Workspace ONE Trust Network enables threat intelligence and security events from Wandera’s service to be consumed by security teams in a single console and incorporated into a single robust and consistent policy that enhances security across their mobile fleet.

Below are a number of example use cases describing how customers can benefit from this integration.

Use case 1 – Clicker Trojan

Let’s look at the very real example of malicious applications finding a way into official app stores. Wandera’s threat research team recently discovered 17 apps on the Apple App Store that were infected with clicker trojan malware designed to simulate user interactions in order to fraudulently collect ad revenue.

In this instance, Wandera automatically blocks the threat by preventing all communication between the infected app and the Command & Control servers. Upon preventing this threat from impacting the device, Wandera is able to benefit from this integration with Workspace ONE Trust Network to alert Workspace ONE Intelligence. Wandera also sends additional signals to the Workspace ONE Intelligence indicating where the malicious applications are installed so they can be removed via automated remediation steps.

Use case 2 – Phishing

Phishing remains the number one threat currently affecting enterprise mobile users. When a user encounters a phishing link on a Wandera secured device, Wandera’s zero-day phishing engine is able to instantly identify the malicious site and block it before the user enters any credential. A signal is sent to Workspace ONE Intelligence for this blocked threat event so that it can be correlated against potential risky login behavior seen from the user. As an additional step, admins can configure Workspace ONE Intelligence to demand additional step-up authentication to validate the identity of the targeted user before allowing access to corporate applications.

Use case 3 – App vulnerabilities

With more consolidated communication happening on mobile devices, hackers are continually looking for vulnerabilities within mobile OSs and popular applications that they can exploit. As noted with the widespread Whatsapp vulnerability that impacted both iOS and Android users in mid-2019, it is possible for a perfectly legitimate application to be compromised by malicious actors who seek to interrupt business and steal valuable data from unsuspecting users. In the case of WhatsApp, many organizations had approved the app under standard acceptable use policies. However, Wandera’s app reputation engine continually evaluates mobile applications and informs the admin of newly discovered risky applications. Using this integration into Workspace ONE Trust Network, Wandera can signal Workspace ONE Intelligence with details on potentially unwanted applications, helping to ensure they are updated to the latest secure version if possible, else removed from the device.

Use case 4 – Jailbroken iPhone

When an employee is using their corporate-owned mobile device at home as well as at work, the line between business and personal use can grow faint over time. As such, many users seek to personalize their devices and attempt to remove restrictions set out by the device manufacturer or their device administrator. Jailbreaking is a popular way in which users circumvent Apple’s ‘walled garden’ in order to gain access to applications and customizations that they are unable to otherwise. As this code is sideloaded onto the device and bypasses any App Store vetting processes, it can pose a great risk for security teams. Wandera’s endpoint agent monitors the device for signs of jailbreak and escalates the risk posture of the device and informs the Workspace ONE Intelligence accordingly. Admins are subsequently able to limit access to sensitive corporate resources for as long as the device remains in this elevated risk state. Furthermore, admins can set up automated service desk workflows that allow them to seamlessly carry out actions in order to return the device to a secure state.

Wandera’s long-standing partnership and integration with VMware has benefited thousands of organizations around the world who strive to manage mobile risks. Wandera Mobile Data Policy helps Workspace ONE customers block unapproved websites, enforce acceptable use, and broker secure access to cloud and on-prem apps; Wandera Mobile Threat Defense protects mobile workers by blocking mobile malware and preventing zero-day phishing attacks, keeping end-users connected and productive.