This week feels big for information security. Europe’s premier security conference takes place almost all week, with today marking the midpoint in London’s InfoSec event. We’re also still witnessing the shockwaves from the WannaCry outbreak and the intensified focus on ransomware as a result.

Amidst all this, last night was also when the prestigious SC Magazine Awards were announced. We’re very pleased to share that Wandera was named the Best Mobile Security Solution of the year for 2017. As a finalist in recent years, this is fantastic news for us and a welcome recognition of the strength of our security product.

“It is important to encourage and praise innovation, recognize those who raise the bar, and reward exemplars who facilitate best practice. Wandera Secure Mobile Gateway is a great example of this within the industry.”– Tony Morbin, Editor-in-chief, SC Media UK

This comes at a very exciting time for Wandera. Just last month we successfully completed an investment round of $27.5m led by Sapphire Ventures. We also announced our new security engine, MI:RIAM, who is powered by the latest in machine learning technologies. This engine was used to identify more than 400 new strains of SLocker, helping detect the secretive return of one of 2016’s most damaging malware attacks.
It’s this approach to innovation, coupled with our unique gateway architecture, that helps Wandera stand alone at the forefront of the mobile security landscape.

“Mobile devices are subject to more attacks from malware and ransomware than ever before. Wandera’s solution represents some of the most innovative and effective security technology on the market today. As attackers develop and practice new approaches to compromising sensitive information, companies are challenged to keep pace. Wandera Secure Mobile Gateway is a great example of our industry’s talent and skill,” – Tony Morbin, Editor-in-chief, SC Media UK

Mobile has become one of the most important fields of cyber security. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated in their approach, and the proliferation of smart devices has provided an array of fast-moving and difficult-to-manage new targets for attack.
While this award is greatly appreciated, winning these isn’t the main underlying reason for our motivation. We’ll be continuing to develop the technologies that inspired this recognition, and focusing on innovative and powerful ways to keep enterprises protected from mobile threats.
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