Better understand usage

Wandera end user app

The starting point for Wandera is our lightweight app on the device. The Wandera mobile app is employee friendly and helps educate users on their data usage and notifies them of any important policy updates you’ve introduced. Most importantly, we alert them directly for any major security event.

The app monitors the pulse of the user device, whether smartphone or tablet, and collects these heartbeats for analysis. It’s the first, but important, view into mobile data. For example, Wandera identifies connections to rogue infrastructure like malicious Wi-Fi spots.

Increased data visibility

Wandera web gateway for mobile

Mobile devices today are impressive but cannot compare with the computing power available from the cloud. Wandera’s cloud gateway is the world’s first created solely for mobile traffic, and provides the real-time view into your mobile data. With increased visibility comes increased knowledge about threats. By sitting transparently in the path of the web traffic from the browser to mobile applications, we analyze mobile data usage as it happens, immediately detect threats, and enable in-line policy actions. And all with no impact on the user experience.

Our globally distributed cloud gateway operates at scale and supports customers in over 50 countries, while keeping all data secure.

Machine intelligence


Billions of daily mobile data inputs are collected through our multi-level architecture and analyzed in real time by MI:RIAM, our mobile intelligence engine.

Beyond inspecting the content, MI:RIAM studies the apps making each request, and maintains a reputation for each app.

When you analyze more data, you intelligently prevent more threats.

Control and manage with ease

RADAR admin portal

The most complex enterprise security and mobile environments in the world use Wandera. We help them by making Wandera easy to manage.

The true strength of the architecture is the ability for administrators to take action using automated policy controls including alerts, filters, blocks, caps, and device quarantining.

Administrators receive real-time intelligence and reporting, including summary digests. User activity is presented in real-time and data is easily exported including reporting APIs. Permission based roles enable delegated views and admin.

Executives can view summary dashboards to monitor overall security performance and data management.

Simple integration

Wandera and EMM

Wandera is a complementary offering to Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) or Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions. The difference is clear. Where MDM or EMM focuses on managing the device, we help customers secure and manage their mobile data. Complementary but very different solutions.

For companies who use an MDM/EMM provider, Wandera offers our optional EMM Connect ecosystem integration that lets you leverage your existing investment in EMM to facilitate the management and deployment of Wandera.

Features include simplified service rollout via seamless Over-the-Air MDM technology, centralized management of devices and groups (including integrations with Active Directory) and automatic device lifecycle management. Learn more about how Wandera and EMM work side by side.

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