Supporting Samsung Devices

Samsung is a major player in the global smartphone market, providing its customers with the innovative technology in the form of sleek, stunning portable devices.

Its world renowned products run on a version of Android, and are a popular choice among both consumers and the enterprise.

Wandera has been designed to work flawlessly with all Samsung devices that are Knox compliant, encompassing both tablets – like the vibrant Galaxy Tab S2 – and handsets, such as the famed Galaxy S range.

All of Wandera’s Enterprise Mobile Security and Data Management features are optimized to perform on the Knox Android platform, and the service can be deployed seamlessly via all leading EMM platforms.

Samsung Android devices supported:

KNOX MDM v5.0 or later
* Samsung Android Wi-Fi only devices are also supported

“We see Wandera as a leader in mobile data security and a natural extension to the KNOX solutions portfolio; by partnering with them customers now have the tools to effectively manage and secure their company mobile data usage.”

Injong Rhee, Senior Vice President of KNOX Business, IT & Mobile Division at Samsung Electronics

Samsung or Android?

Samsung’s latest devices run on their own unique version of Android that is compliant with its “Knox” technology. Knox is a multi-layered security system built into both the hardware and software of Samsung devices. Knox constantly verifies the integrity of the device and detects any tampering, ensuring your data is more secure. Knox also allows businesses to easily integrate with Mobile Device Management and Mobile Threat Defense functionalities. The Knox API gives Wandera the ability to provide our customers with the ultimate secure solution on Samsung devices.

Native Android on the other hand presents some difficulties, due to its lack of high-tier security. Because of this, Wandera currently does not support native Android. Wandera’s long term vision is to support an ever-expanding range of mobile devices and operating systems.

Get Wandera on your Samsung fleet

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