MobileIron has become the preferred technology choice of IT teams everywhere when it comes to centrally managing device fleets at large organizations. More recently, Wandera has also emerged as the leading way for these organizations to protect their mobile estates at a data level, and to power their Data Management programs.

Wandera and MobileIron are solutions to different mobility challenges, and can each be used to securely manage device fleets, with MobileIron operating on the device and through the application infrastructure, and Wandera through its leading web gateway for mobile architecture.

Functionality overview


Better together

Wandera has been designed to work in tandem with MobileIron, integrating the strengths of multi-level visibility with a sophisticated array of tools to control and adjust devices.

With the combined power of both technologies, new insights on the security and status of every device can be surfaced at the device, application or data level. These insights can then be responded to using the functionality of either platform.

Insights gathered by Wandera are responded to by action in MobileIron

Wandera detects:
Hacker is attempting a man-in-the-middle attack
MobileIron action:
Quarantine compromised devices, block network access or selectively wipe corporate data

Information gathered by MobileIron informs new policy in Wandera

MobileIron detects:
Rogue profile configuration
Wandera action:
Alerts admins and end users. Blocks relevant traffic across both app and browser

Seamless deployment

Customers of MobileIron can effortlessly deploy Wandera across any number of enterprise mobile devices directly from the MobileIron console. For fleets made up of iOS supervised devices, this deployment requires no action whatsoever by the user. For other devices, a one-touch solution is available. Just like that, Wandera is seamlessly deployed and available to the entire mobile fleet.  Once deployed, Wandera and MobileIron continue to work together to maintain enterprise mobile security and data usage management.

“We’ve worked closely with Wandera to give our mutual customers a better way to integrate and deliver threat prevention services. This richer integration builds upon an already strong partnership and delivers on our goal to simplify the mobile security lifecycle for our users.”

– Ojas Rege, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, MobileIron


This US airline upgraded its fleet of tablets to enable swifter on-board sales and other services through its flight teams. With spiralling data costs and concerns about security, Frontier used Wandera with MobileIron and managed to reduce data consumption by 78%.

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