Supporting Apple Devices

One of the most valuable and best-loved brands in the world, Apple has dominated not only the consumer device market, but also enjoys a large market share of the enterprise space too.

Lauded for its serious approach to security, Apple has successfully launched a series of iPhone and iPads that are now used by hundreds of millions across the globe.

Wandera has been designed to work flawlessly with every Apple device running iOS 8 or newer, encompassing both tablets and handsets.

All of Wandera’s Enterprise Mobile Security and Data Management features are optimized to perform on iOS, and the service can be deployed seamlessly via all leading EMM platforms.

Apple Devices Supported

iPhone: iPhone 5 and later, must have iOS 8+ | iPad: iPad 2 and later, must have iOS 8+
*Apple Wi-Fi only devices are also supported

Apple DEP

All Apple devices are eligible to be purchased with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) for business. iOS devices that are purchased with the DEP program can have advanced “Supervision” enabled over-the-air. A Supervised device is recognized as being specifically owned by the enterprise or institution and works in conjunction with EMM tools to provide advanced controls beyond the normal scope of a non-supervised device.

Get Wandera on your iOS fleet

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