Wandera’s enterprise mobile security and data usage management offerings are powered by MI:RIAM, a sophisticated intelligence engine at the heart of our technology. 

Powered by billions of daily data inputs from millions of mobile devices, MI:RIAM continually analyzes these vast feeds of information to detect and respond to new insights. 

What she does

Zero day detection

Possesses an unmatched ability to identify previously undiscovered threats, exposing new leaks, risks and vulnerabilities.

Discovers malware variants

Locates new instances of malware before they even reach the device, and blocks them before they can execute.

Data pool optimization

Trawls through vast archives of policy configurations to tweak, adjust and optimize user profiles on the fly.

Impact assessments

Uncovers malicious infrastructures, as well as conducting analysis of potentially problematic regions or into the extent of breached devices.

Instant reactions

Makes informed, intelligent decisions about the security events she encounters, responding by blocking, filtering and alerting in a heartbeat.

Anomaly identification

Constantly trained on the standard operating procedure of a given device to identify when the device itself is engaging in odd or anomalous behaviour.

Threat Advisories

Researchers at Wandera use MI:RIAM to continually hunt for new vulnerabilities, threats and data leaks. She has helped the team uncover a number of high profile and novel security events, including hundreds of previously unknown and undiscovered threats. From international airlines exposing precious customer data to new strains of iOS malware, MI:RIAM helps Wandera customers unearth new risks, alerting them of potential exploits and keeping their mobile fleets secure.

View our Threat Advisories

The machine advantage

There will always be a need for the talents that humans can offer, but there are some things that machines can do much better than sentient analysts.

Universal focus

Because MI:RIAM doesn’t have to prioritize between tasks, she can do them all simultaneously, helping her discover unknown unknowns in the places humans wouldn’t even think to look.

Tireless ethic

As a series of digital technologies, all MI:RIAM needs to function is data and electricity. She doesn’t get tired and never stops working.

Breakneck speeds

She’s not only far quicker at analyzing data than humans, but she’s considerably faster than other automated solutions, capable of real-time diagnosis and instant decision making.

Eternal improvement

The machine learning technologies that MI:RIAM is built with means that she gets better with time, adapting to new inputs and results as she processes them.

MI:RIAM can keep your mobile fleet protected. Get in touch to see her in action