Wandera EMM Connect

Extending the Secure Mobile Gateway

Wandera works hand in hand with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) to help enterprises looking to manage a large mobile fleet and protect against risk


Wandera and EMM together provide a set of end-to-end management capabilities – ranging from simplified device configurations and deployments to real-time threat prevention, data cost management, and policy-based control – that empower the mobile enterprise.

With Mobile Device Management (MDM) at the core, EMM suites focus on device-level management and application enablement, allowing enterprises to unlock the productivity potential that mobility has to offer, while effectively minimizing complexity.  MDM capabilities include over-the-air device configurations and the ability to push and configure apps with minimal end user engagement.

Once a mobile device is in the hands of an end user, Wandera’s unique multi-level solution works in real-time to provide unrivaled mobile insights and controls. Wandera’s Secure Mobile Gateway (SMG) empowers enterprise customers to combat threats, maintain compliance and understand mobile usage trends.

To maximise the value of both suites (SMG and EMM) working together, Wandera has released an integration called EMM Connect. This helps enterprises leverage their existing investment in EMM to facilitate the deployment and management of Wandera.

A Wandera deployment that couples EMM Connect with a compatible MDM benefits from:

  • Simplified service rollout via seamless Over-the-Air MDM technology.
  • Centralized management of devices and groups, including integrations with Active Directory.
  • Automatic device lifecycle management, with capabilities to easily reassign devices to new employees within the enterprise.
  • Configurable access to the device’s App inventory for preemptive security analysis.
  • Active mobile carrier information that delivers additional roaming detection to enable accurate policy selection.
  • Real-time and policy-based control of tethering and mobile data roaming capabilities.
  • Enhanced threat response, including the ability to initiate a mobile device wipe or quarantine.

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