The worldwide enterprise smartphone landscape has entered a phase of consolidation, and as of 2017, over 90% of the market runs on just three operating systems: Android, iOS and Windows.

Many organizations have mixed device fleets for different regions or departments. Our mission is to provide a unifying solution for mobile security and data management that works seamlessly across a wide range of devices, whatever the unique blend of your fleet might be.


The iPhone has emerged as the leading smartphone for enterprise, with iOS 11 now the latest and greatest operating system available from Apple. Wandera supports all Apple devices, including both iPads and iPhones, running on iOS 8 and above.

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Representing the lion’s share of the Android enterprise market, Samsung is a popular choice for many organizations seeking flexible, efficient mobility. Wandera supports all Knox compliant Samsung devices including a wide variety of smartphones and tablets.

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From Surface Pros to Thinkpads, Wandera has begun supporting all devices running Windows 10 that connect via cellular connections. The solution for Windows devices is designed with data management use-cases in mind. Smartphones running the Windows 10 Mobile operating system are also supported.

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While not quite as popular as Samsung Android, generic Android devices remain a prominent and growing choice for enterprises due to their competitive price points and the increasing presence of BYOD policies. Wandera supports all generic Android devices (running Android 4.2+) with its on-device Mobile Threat Defense solution.

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To find out more about how Wandera works with your mobile fleet, schedule a demonstration below.

Gartner Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense Solutions 2018

“Beyond a unified endpoint management (UEM) security add-on, MTD is also used to address use cases such as mobile phishing, bring your own device, app vetting and compliance.”

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