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Cushman & Wakefield

International travel is part of doing business for many organizations but unfortunately the cost of mobile data roaming can be difficult to manage. When this real estate services company’s monthly mobile bills were rising fast, it sought out a solution to control mobile usage, resulting in a more predictable billing cycle.

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Managing a mixed mobile device estate with a range of operating systems and different management solutions can be a challenge. This home assistance provider implemented a sleek new mobility program which included the deployment of Wandera to manage mobile security and data usage, and AirWatch to manage the devices.

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Financial Services Firm

After unearthing repeated data security incidents coming from unsolicited file-sharing services on its corporate mobile devices, this NYC-based financial services firm rolled out Wandera’s Content Filtering solution. The company was amazed to see the number of blocks to high-risk and inappropriate content across its device estate.

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This US airline upgraded its fleet of tablets to enable swifter on-board sales and other services through its flight teams. With spiralling data costs and concerns about security, Frontier used Wandera with MobileIron and managed to reduce data consumption by 78%.

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As a leading professional services firm, ARUP needs to make sure its consultants and other staff are equipped with smartphones, helping them stay connected on client visits and other work trips. Wandera was employed to control previously opaque roaming costs and subsequently drive down the cost of its mobile data bills.


More than 1800 of this train operator’s staff need devices to efficiently do their jobs. However, Eurostar’s fleet of iPhones and iPads was racking up huge costs, with many of them often being used for recreational activities. Using Wandera, the company was able to create caps and restrict behaviors, resulting in a data usage reduction of 40%.

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Kinross is a Canadian gold mining company based in the United States, Brazil, Chile, Russia, Ghana and Mauritania. After deploying Wandera, it cut its data costs by 29% and was able to demonstrate a 900% return on investment, thanks to an intelligent program of smart notifications and user caps.

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DLA Piper

This reputable and forward-thinking law firm understands the importance of modern workplaces. It enables its practitioners to continue working while outside the office, and communicate with clients and colleagues when away from their desks. By using Wandera, DLA Piper has managed to save more than AU$200,000 – delivering a return of 8.5x on the investment.

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Health and Safety Authority

The HSA is the state body for the enforcement of Health and Safety in the workplace. The majority of HSA’s workforce works remotely carrying out site inspections on a daily basis, posing heavy costs in terms of domestic and roaming data. Enforcing usage policies through Wandera helped the HSA slash these data costs in half.

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Lundbeck is a global pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Denmark and the US. After distributing iOS devices to its workforce, it found that it was incurring huge charges for unexpected data usage – one roaming bill for a Japan trip cost over $12,000 alone. Wandera was brought in to get visibility on data usage and prevent unexpected bills.

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Vancouver Whitecaps

As the popularity of soccer grows in North America, so too does the cost of data. This professional sports team makes heavy use of video in its tactics and training sessions, Wi-Fi connections aren’t always available. Using a blend of new policies and data compression, the organization was able to cut its data costs by 31%.

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