How to get more out of your EMM investment and secure your mobile fleet

A wide range of organizations work with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) providers to centrally manage their devices.

While EMMs have clearly helped enable and simplify administrative aspects of enterprise mobility, they do not provide the level of mobile security that businesses need in today’s rapidly growing threat landscape. Whether it’s outside-in threats like phishing, malware and cryptojacking or inside-out threats like risky user decisions, organizations need to look beyond device management to ensure they are fully protected.

This is why multiple EMM providers, including VMware Workspace One, Microsoft Intune, IBM MaaS360 and MobileIron, have partnered with Wandera to deliver complete end-to-end solutions to manage and protect your data, your applications and, most importantly, your users.

Join our upcoming webinar to learn:

  • Overview of the evolving threat landscape
  • Challenges organizations face in securing their mobile devices
  • EMM and MTD – and the need for both
  • How Wandera and EMMs go hand in hand
  • Analytics and insights for mobility teams
  • Analytics and insights for security teams

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