On 28 October Suzan Sakarya and Alex Dove introduced our latest solution, Wandera Private Access. Here’s the full webinar with a quick breakdown of the session.

Market Trends

The workplace continues to transform. Cloud services are being increasingly adopted and in the light of the global pandemic, the need for remote workers to collaborate effectively has climbed corporate priorities. Some businesses are not returning to the office until summer 2021, some may never, companies of all sizes are having to reconsider their remote access strategies for a more sustainable, optimal approach, one of which is Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).

Gartner predicts that 60% of businesses will phase out their VPN solution in favor of a ZTNA by 2023.

The Wandera Solution

Of the Representative Vendors in the Gartner Market Guide for ZTNA, Wandera is the only solution that takes a mobile-first approach. The Wandera platform has been designed from the ground up to support remote working via the cloud, protecting businesses against the full spectrum of cyber threats.

Wandera replaces traditional VPN solutions which are an outdated technology designed prior to the availability of mobile devices, tablets and modern laptops, and consequently deliver a poor end-user experience, completely out of line with 2020 expectations. VPN is a technology designed for branch offices and desktops, not modern IT environments.

As a cloud-delivered solution, Private Access has no hardware, no certificates to manage, no complex sizing requirements, it has been specifically designed to be easy to activate and simple to deploy. It can be rolled out by integrating with your existing directory provider.

Wandera Private Access is built on ZTNA principles by providing a continuous risk assessment to ensure device compliance. Our solution brokers the connection between an application and device, using application-based microtunnels to route users to only the applications they’re allowed to use.

Key features & differentiators

  • Improved manageability: no hardware. No software. No expensive support contracts = Big TCO benefit
  • Detailed reporting: easy to use and everything can be administered through one console
  • Enhanced security: consistent security across all devices, applications and user groups
  • Modern protocol: delivers a user experience in line with modern expectations. Wandera Private Access is up to four times faster than traditional VPN and designed to handle heavy workloads across all device types.

Why would you use Wandera Private Access?

  • Migration to Microsoft Endpoint Manager: if you’re switching to Microsoft Endpoint Manager, you’ll be losing per-app tunnel functionality that you may have with your existing UEM. Although Microsoft is set to release a solution in the near future, it is based on a traditional VPN
  • Remote access to on-premises applications: Wandera’s solution is able to broker access to any application, whether it be in the cloud or hosted privately
  • Reduce TCO: VPN is incredibly expensive, Wandera’s model is far more cost-effective if you’re looking to cut costs
  • Application access for BYOD / Contractors: ensure that regardless of whether you manage a device or not, you can still enforce security and access policies consistently
  • High bandwidth applications: heavy usage of conference tools needs sufficient bandwidth to operate properly, our modern protocol handles high bandwidth services easily
  • Consistent security: move away from point solutions to delivering a unified experience across all applications, device types and user groups.