Well, it’s official. The next giant step for our platform is officially underway, and it’s all thanks to you.

2018 marks six years since we first started building the Wandera product. Six years of iterations, improvements, releases, launches and good old-fashioned hard work. Six years of welcoming new customers, admin feedback, one-on-one support and system updates.
And yet, as we sit and reflect on all we’ve done, it only makes us more excited about the work we’re doing now and what’s coming down the pipeline.
We finally get to scream about it from the rooftops, and we can’t wait to hear what you think.

Wandera 2.0

So what is Wandera 2.0? Well, it isn’t nailed down to any one update.
Wandera 2.0 encompasses the massive changes currently underway for our product. We’ve been working hard to entirely re-engineer our platform in order to make life better for our customers and their end users.
But let’s get down to the specifics. The improvements can be broken out across three key fronts:

  1. REengineered architecture
  2. REcrafted app
  3. REdesigned console


REengineered architecture

So what are we doing to make the platform better?
Well, first of all, our previous data warehouse solution was coming to the end of its life. Whilst still acceptable to run most of our reports in a reasonable timeframe it started to struggle with some of our larger reports that would simply take too long to run.
Moving to a brand new, innovative platform has resulted in some significant improvements with much more to come:

  1. Faster data loading: It now takes less than 20 seconds to load any report from anywhere in the world. Most queries are loading at least 50% faster than the previous platform. Some queries are now 10x faster.
  2. Highly parallel workloads: More reports can now be completed in sync than ever before.
    We’ve achieved a 30% increase in parallel performance.

Additionally, we’ve significantly improved our ability to scale the platform. This gives us the opportunity to add large numbers of customers worldwide, without impacting the service. In fact, we’ve gotten the entire process down to a time of only 15 minutes to deploy an entirely new gateway (from scratch).
We’re especially excited about this launch because it means we get to talk about the back-end of the platform itself, which if you’re an avid follower of our content, you’ll realize we don’t do a lot of.
When we say we’ve been re-engineering our platform as a whole, we’re referring to an absolutely massive undertaking. To demonstrate the scale and complexity this entails, take a look at the following stats about our infrastructure:

  • Over 45 different technologies work together to make up the Wandera platform.
  • 1000+ instances all running the same Linux version on public cloud.
  • All instances are using public cloud from multiple providers.
  • 15 locations providing gateway services across 5 continents.
  • 1 Billion+ metrics loaded per day by our monitoring platform.
  • 100 Million+ operational logs loaded per day into our logging platform.
  • Billions of customer-generated events loaded per day into our databases.

Think of this project as trying to improve an existing 747 jet. You want to upgrade it to support more people, have better in-flight features, and perhaps make it go a bit faster with some upgrades to the engine… now think about doing all of this whilst the plane is in flight, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Wandera is never switched off. We can’t simply halt our services for ‘maintenance’. We have to iterate as we continue to function normally.
We’ve only touched on a few things we’re doing to upgrade our platform. For more information on the Wandera 2.0 improvements to our infrastructure, check out the in-depth article written by our CIO Jim Walker.

REcrafted app

Our Wandera end-user app is the essential component of our solution that resides on employees’ devices. The app is designed to periodically take the heartbeat of the phone, monitoring apps, network connections, and configurations, ensuring vulnerabilities are kept to a minimum. It also reports back to our RADAR portal to notify admins of threats affecting the phone.
Its secondary functionality, however, is to keep end-users informed. The app notifies employees of their data usage over their monthly period, as well as to any risks they may encounter while using their device.
Unfortunately, the current versions of the Android and iOS apps aren’t being used as much as we’d like them to be. We feel that all employees should want to regularly check in on the status of their device.
This is why, as part of our Wandera 2.0 upgrade, we’re announcing the upcoming launches of entirely new Android and iOS Wandera end-user apps.
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The app has been cut back to its bare bones functionality and then completely redesigned and reconfigured.
The user experience has been improved substantially with an intuitive, slick looking UI and intelligent graphs and images providing users with powerful insights.
Not only that, but the dark background you’ve likely come to associate with the current Wandera app, representing the ominous world of mobile threats has been replaced.
A simple white background takes its place, representing the literal enlightening visibility the app provides.
The new Wandera apps will be available nearing the end of Q1 on both the Apple and Google Play app stores. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.

REdesigned console

For those of you familiar with it, RADAR is our ever-changing beast of an administrative portal. It really is the face of our product. It’s where administrators come every day to check in on the status of their mobile fleet.
RADAR has seen many changes over the years. These come in the forms of new reports, consolidated functionalities, new icons, and other UI/UX improvements.
In fact, just take a quick look at our product updates over the last few months and you’ll notice, the majority of them involve portal components.
RADAR is a key focus area for us when it comes to making our product and the customer experience better and more efficient.
So what are we doing to make RADAR better for Wandera 2.0? Take a look:
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While some of you may have already seen this new look and feel in your own RADAR portal, for those of you that haven’t, the launch is taking place on a rolling basis and will be available to all admins shortly.
The redesigned portal takes a page from the new Wandera app, showcasing a brighter, more user-friendly UI with reduced icons and more open space.
It also boasts new navigation labels. The three new categorizations, Security, Acceptable Use and Data Management clearly spell out the overall value we provide our customers.

Updates ahead

Yes, we’re proud to say we’ve done a lot. Major components of Wandera 2.0 are up and running smoothly, but we are nowhere near done. We still have some pivotal updates coming that we can’t discuss just yet.
Stay tuned for one of our biggest launches of Q1 coming in just a few weeks time.
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