Today Wandera announced the launch of single sign-on (SSO) for its enterprise customers.

This marks another point of progress in its mission to not only make its product as accessible as possible for businesses with established IT infrastructures, but also to provide the highest level of convenience and security to global administrators.

Single sign-on

Single sign-on will allow admins to add, configure and use pre-existing credentials already in place within their own IT infrastructure to access their RADAR environments.
It does this using SAML2.0 (an XML standard) that facilitates the exchange of user authentication and data across secure domains.
Wandera will now be able to communicate with the identity provider that maintains the user directory and authenticate users upon their request to access RADAR.


This launch provides a much-needed layer of convenience for global RADAR admins who have multiple corporate applications they access on a daily basis.
With RADAR included among the apps they can login to without a separate username and password, admins can check in on the status of the security and data usage of their mobile devices more easily.
This feature eliminates the time sink required by most applications having tedious log-in processes (requiring unique, complex passwords), and boosts the productivity of admins overall.

single sign-on.Security

A primary concern when first contemplating SSO may be around security. With only one set of credentials driving the log-in to multiple IT apps, an attacker getting ahold of even one set of user details would have exceptionally detrimental consequences for the enterprise.
This risk can be mitigated multiple ways. The first of which is, when only one set of credentials is required, the organization can set increasingly stringent requirements around complexity of this password.
When admins only have to remember one unique passcode, they don’t have to set multiple ‘simple’ ones to remember. Ensuring the password is a difficult one to crack lessens the risk of compromise.
Additionally, as you likely know, Wandera has recently enabled the option of 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) for RADAR administrators.
2FA also ensures the maximum level of security when logging onto the RADAR portal, absolutely ensuring only those who are meant to access it, can.

How do I enable SSO?

Admin single-sign on is now available on the RADAR portal. Simply navigate to Administration Settings to configure SSO.
If you’re not yet using Wandera, now is the time to start. Get in touch with one of our mobility experts today for a pressure-free demonstration.
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