I wanted to share some news with you that I am especially excited about – I’m proud to say we have just secured our largest round of funding yet, $27.5 million to expand our position as the world’s leading mobile security and policy provider.

It’s amazing to see how far Wandera has come in four short years. It seems like only yesterday when I was hanging out with the other three founders in a basement room discussing tech trends and asking why no one was managing mobiles in the cloud? Surely smartphones were the perfect fit for a SaaS service?
We didn’t have a crystal ball but we did have a unique understanding and experience in building cloud gateways at scale – designed to process huge amounts of traffic in real time. We knew that in a mobile setting, our gateway architecture would be more difficult to perfect, but much more powerful than any app-based alternative, when working perfectly.

When we first started Wandera, mobile security, visibility and control were not high on the agenda of many organizations’ IT teams. But employees were quickly adapting to mobile working and demanding anytime, anywhere access to the tools and data they needed to be productive, opening companies up to a variety of new and unexpected risks.
That’s when we decided to pull together all our experiences in building scalable cloud services and machine learning security – really considering what a modern, globally distributed business would need to make the transition to secure and manage their corporate mobile devices in real time.
It’s incredible to think that in such a short time Wandera has grown from a few people to the market leader, helping to define a new category for mobility. Along the way we grew our team worldwide, have added over 500 global enterprises to our platform, and discovered several new mobile malware variants that had been morphing and lurking – hidden in plain sight.

Wandera has always been an innovator and not a follower, that’s just part of our DNA – but the real power in our service comes from network effects. As we add more companies and mobile devices to our platform, each one helps to improve our reach, our performance, our identification of threats and the accuracy of our machine learning engine. In turn, this improvement delivers the benefits back to our customers. It really is a case of ‘the more the better’.
The growth in the platform is what we see as leading us to our next big push – trying to make sense of the terabytes of mobile data we see across the world daily. Rather than ignoring or graphing it, we will try to understand it using machine learning and experienced researchers to uncover patterns, anomalies, learnings and vulnerabilities for our customers.
We have already made some exciting progress in the arena of data science and advanced analytics, with more product releases being announced soon. Data will be the key pathway for our business going forward.

This funding round was led by Sapphire Ventures, a $2.4 billion venture capital firm focused on scaling innovative, technology-driven companies and entrepreneurs, who share our long-term vision for building a cloud platform for mobile. With the financing under our belt we relish the ability this has given us to deploy the funds and build out our technologies, our infrastructure and our team.
All we want is the chance to build an amazing product. So thanks to all our people, partners and clients who are making this possible.
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