At Wandera, our team is constantly critically evaluating our product, looking for ways to make it look, feel and do better. We’re never satisfied with the status quo – there’s always a way to improve what we do.

We truly believe a key component of our competitive advantage lies in our portal and the ease with which admins can monitor their fleets’ usage and make changes to their policies.

The policy

Recently, we’ve taken a closer look at our policy features, including our current sites/apps report as well as how admins manage their data plans and policies.
We want admins to have the most intuitive experience possible when using RADAR. It must be as simple as possible to understand their usage and to configure the differing policies applicable to each device within their mobile fleets.   
We’ve started the process of updating these components of our product. While there’s still loads more in store, we think you’ll like what you see so far.

A sneak peak of recent releases

Feast your eyes on RADAR’s new data plan view…
This new page allows admins to adjust their domestic and roaming configurations by zone, selecting a grouping of countries with the same pricing/policies.
The map visualization you see above is a key point of pride for us, as it allows admins to easily understand which countries are included in each defined zone.
This feature is especially useful to European customers, who may now be looking to include EU countries within the domestic plans (thanks to the newly implemented regulation).
It’s also valuable to North American customers looking to group the United States, Canada and Mexico to match their carrier plans.
While it may seem like a simple change, this new page sets Wandera up to take the next steps towards zone-based policies.

Reporting by time and category

And of course, we couldn’t go without re-vamping our sites/apps report, a favorite among our enterprise customers. We’ve built upon the existing capabilities of the report and introduced a time-based visualization and filter.
This new functionality enables admins to see when the heaviest usage is occurring and evaluate if this lines up with typical workday activities. It is particularly useful for IT personnel monitoring mobile usage for compliance or productivity.
The report has also been updated with content category filters. Admins can now drill down to the category level and explore the usage occurring within a content focus area. This may be combined with the time filters to drive further insights.
If, for example, if IT teams want to get a deeper understanding of when social media sites and apps are being used, and how much, they can easily filter the report to get a real-time answer.  
The new and improved report may be especially relevant for European financial institutions looking to monitor the use of communication tools within working hours, to stay ahead of the upcoming MiFID II legislation. It may also be useful for French companies who must now comply with the “right to disconnect” law that came into place earlier this year.

What’s to come

These may seem like simple changes but, they are the first steps in introducing game-changing functionality that that will mean an overall more powerful policy engine from Wandera.
Stay tuned for more updates.
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