We’re thrilled to let you know that Wandera will soon be extending its highest level of EMM integration to the final and most advanced component of MobileIron’s EMM portfolio, MobileIron Cloud.
As you likely already know, this enhanced integration enables MobileIron Cloud customers to deploy Wandera across the organization’s device fleet with ease. Additionally, the two-way flow of information between Wandera and MobileIron, made possible by this integration, unlocks all-new security features.

Don’t you already integrate with MobileIron?

You might be thinking that Wandera already integrates with MobileIron. While this is true, until now, our over-the-air integration has been limited to MobileIron Connected Cloud and MobileIron Core EMM solutions.
So why is it so vital that this integration exists, specifically with MobileIron Cloud?
Well, if you ask us, Cloud solutions are the way of the future (and we’re not the only ones who think so). In fact, Forrester predicts the public Cloud market will grow at a rate of 23% between 2015 and 2020 reaching $236 billion.
Furthermore, IDC predicts that at least half of all IT spending will be Cloud-based by 2018. Clearly, supporting Cloud-based solutions will be essential in supporting both our current and future customers.

Why Cloud?

So why are businesses moving to Cloud-based platforms, apps, and software?
A popular, ongoing vendetta against the Cloud its assumed lack of security. I mean wouldn’t you feel more comfortable if all your company’s data/solutions were sitting on premise for you to watch over?
Well, unfortunately, not only is that way of thinking more expensive, it’s actually proven to be less secure. The following are a few key reasons businesses choose to implement Cloud-based solutions:


While most would assume better means more expensive, Cloud solutions work in the opposite way. They are in fact cheaper than on-premise solutions.
How does this work? Think about it. Using the Cloud requires no investment in hardware or software onsite. Cash draining costs like software implementation, customization, hardware, repair and update fees, therefore, become completely non-existent.
Essentially these costs are instead absorbed by a third party provider. With Cloud solutions, a low monthly subscription fee is all you have to worry about.


Cloud solutions make it easy for customers to scale up or down their offering. If a group of new employees join your organization for example and need access points, these can easily be created for them. If this requires a new server to enable the capacity, this can be done seamlessly. No ordering or installation time is required.
Not only that but scaling down is just as easy. If a server is no longer required, it doesn’t need to sit on-site, declining in value and taking up valuable space. Instead, you simply need to inform your cloud provider. Just like that, you’re no longer paying for something you’re not using.
Cloud solutions enable scalability by reducing lead times and risk overall. Both things that are extremely valuable to the modern business.


With the increasingly mobile workforce, it’s becoming more and more important to ensure work can be done, and services can be accessed from anywhere. This is what makes cloud solutions so great. Because they exist ‘in the cloud’ all one needs is an internet connection to access them.
Additionally, because these services exist in the cloud, the lag time that would normally exist for example, when a user travels (from all of their traffic being routed back through the ‘home server’), becomes negligible.


Cloud servers tend to be more reliable to than those that exist on-premise. This is due to the fact that they tend to be supporting a large number of businesses and are therefore are consistently maintained and kept up to date.
If a problem does form, cloud providers have experts on site to rectify issues immediately. If a problem comes up with an on-premise solution, there is usually substantial lag time to get the issue resolved (finding the correct person for the job, having them come out to the office etc).


Lastly, and this is a big point of contention, there’s the topic of security. Many companies live and breathe by the outdated notion that their data is more secure if it’s being processed on site. Due to the centralized, advanced nature of cloud solutions, they promise a very high level of security. This includes stringent encryption and password requirements.
Once again, cloud solutions are constantly being updated to ensure the highest levels of security whereas onsite solutions are not as closely monitored.

MobileIron Cloud

MobileIron Cloud empowers employees to work faster and smarter with a secure mobile solution for any mobile device including Android, iOS and Windows 10. Using MobileIron Cloud-based EMM you can easily configure and secure all your mobile devices, desktops and apps in minutes.
But of course, as many hard-hitting analysts have emphasized, the protection of EMM is a good start, but not nearly enough to face today’s landscape of mobile threats. Alongside MobileIron Cloud, Wandera’s MTD solution protects the device using a multi-level architecture to prevent, detect and contain mobile threats.
Wandera has been designed to work in tandem with MobileIron, integrating the strengths of multi-level visibility with a sophisticated array of tools to control and adjust devices.
With the combined power of both technologies, new insights on the security and status of every device can be surfaced at the device, application or data level. These insights can then be responded to using the functionality of either platform.

To find out more

Contact your account rep to get access to the integration now. For more information on Wandera, schedule a demonstration with one of our mobility experts.
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