One of the best things about being a medium-sized company in a fast-growing market is that things move quickly. Really quickly. Last year we managed to release an array of innovative new features, from usage anonymization, to +Wi-Fi, to sophisticated integrations with EMM providers like MobileIron.

This year we expect to move even faster. Our first announcement of 2017 is also one of the most exciting. This February, customers can take advantage of an even deeper integration between Wandera and MobileIron, the security backbone for modern computing.

Wandera + MobileIron: in summary

If you only have a moment, here’s a quick overview of what you’ll get with the new Wandera and MobileIron integration:

  • A simplified user experience
  • Faster, seamless deployment of Wandera
  • A stronger security offering across both platforms allowing 360° policy enforcement
  • Reduced admin overheads for both mobility and security teams

MobileIron OTA

Simple, seamless deployment through MobileIron

This new release means that admins can now deploy Wandera across their device fleet with seamless efficiency over-the-air (OTA). Fleets utilizing iOS supervised devices will enjoy the added benefit of zero-touch deployment which requires no input from the end-user. This update ensures adoption rate is maximized and so is the return on investment.
With Wandera enrolled universally in a heartbeat, businesses can get enterprise-grade security from day one. Organizations with a data management focus will also benefit, as with more devices activated in the service, it becomes easier to analyze and control data usage across the business.
OTA deployment also keeps Wandera active even when users switch devices. Mobility teams employing Apple’s DEP service will enjoy yet more success, as full MobileIron and Wandera functionality will be available straight out of the box.
MobileIron OTA

Enriched capabilities

The depth of this new integration doesn’t end there. Thanks to the way in which these technologies have been engineered, customers of both solutions now have access to a wider range of benefits.
Wandera operates in the pathway of mobile data, meaning it possesses the unique ability to detect attacks that have not yet reached the device. With this new integration, whenever such a threat is identified by Wandera, it notifies MobileIron’s instant response systems and takes appropriate actions, such as quarantining the device.
The same architecture that powers this intelligent threat response can also be used to power data optimizations.
Real-time data management is made possible across both solutions, for example when employees start tethering their device on an overseas business trip or watching YouTube videos. Wandera can detect this activity and will identify it as occurring during a roaming connection, potentially spelling a particularly expensive bill for their employer. Read what Gartner has to say about reducing roaming costs with this approach.
Once Wandera spots this behaviour it can be communicated directly with MobileIron, which will swiftly disable the hotspot through the device’s settings.
MobileIron OTA

See it in action

We know our customers are eager to get their hands on these useful new updates. Well, we’re happy to share that the wait won’t be a long one.
Most of this functionality is already live across both platforms, and the rest of these features will be rolled out soon, beginning with an initial integration with MobileIron Core – quickly followed by support for MobileIron Cloud.
Contact your MobileIron or Wandera account manager to find out more. If you’re not already enjoying either of these services, get in touch for a pressure-free demonstration of the integration.
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