We’re thrilled to announce our Mobile Data Report (MDR) is back and better than ever. Our June 2017 report, available today, delivers your business the key insights it needs when it comes to corporate mobility.

What is the Mobile Data Report?

The MDR is the world’s first report purely focused on enterprise mobile data. It provides a complete analysis of mobile data security and usage trends along with traffic patterns across our global network of enterprise mobile devices.
The devices are of course, corporate liable devices (mostly corporate owned and BYOD) used domestically and whilst roaming. The types of devices range from Apple, to Samsung Android to Windows 10 Mobile.
June’s report is broken out into two sections covering everything you need to know about the current mobile arena. Part 1 is focused on security while part 2 centers in on usage.
The report looks at the top five mobile malware culprits this month, the different types of data leaks we’ve detected and the threat of outdated operating systems on mobile estates. It also evaluates mobile usage by device type and content category, and analyzes employees’ domestic vs. roaming data habits.

The insights?

If you don’t have time to read through the entire report, here’s a brief summary of the most valuable insights that came from the June 2017 MDR:


The most common data leaks in June were location followed by email, username and password exposures.
The most significant leaking app identified by the Wandera threat research team was the PanicGuard mobile app.
Outdated operating systems (OS) present vulnerabilities within corporate mobile fleets. 37% of employees are using an outdated Apple OS while 80% of users haven’t updated to the latest Android OS.


Windows 10 Mobile devices were the largest driver of mobile data usage in June. On average they went through 82 MB of data per day, significantly more than iPhones or Samsung Android devices.
40% of June’s total corporate mobile data was consumed by video, photo and social media apps and websites.
Over the course of June, the video & photo usage category made up 22% of local data used but only 9% of roaming data.

Let us know your thoughts

We’d love to hear your feedback on our June 2017 Mobile Data Report.
Please send any suggestions or questions to marketing@wandera2018.wpengine.com. You might just see your comments in our next report.
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