You might have seen that the International Data Corporation, one of the biggest names in research, recently released its first MarketScape report covering the Mobile Threat Management sector.

We’re delighted that Wandera has been named a Leader in the report – published in September as IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Mobile Threat Management Security Software 2017 Vendor Assessment (doc #US42373417)

Why Wandera?

The report goes into some detail comparing the capabilities of different mobile security vendors. It’s no surprise to see Wandera’s differentiated architecture highlighted by the research authors, which extends protection beyond the device with its powerful web gateway for mobile.
According to IDC’s report:

Wandera’s content filtering capabilities and location-based filtering provide added strength, allowing for diverse app monitoring and filtering on a user area basis. This provides the opportunity for companies to restrict various aspects of mobile apps that may lead to legal issues without blocking the entire app.

This message is present elsewhere in the IDC MarketScape too, including the following passage:

Wandera is among the few vendors in the MTM market with in-line, cloud-based mobile data traffic inspection and enforcement capabilities.

Central to IDC’s report is the graphical depiction of its vendor assessment. You can access this grid by downloading an excerpt of the report for free below.
Download the report
Elsewhere in the write-up, the report states that “EMM partnerships are critical for MTM providers in business deployments”. This is another area of strength for Wandera, with its industry-leading range of ecosystem integrations and powerful range of EMM partnerships.
The report concludes with guidance for when to consider Wandera. Its suggestion is for when your organization requires granular visibility of enterprise mobile device traffic, and enforcement of policies based on real-time end-user behavior and mobile device/app usage.
Now is the time to take MTD seriously. Get in touch to request a demo, and see why Wandera has been named a Leader for yourself.
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