Things move exceptionally quickly here at Wandera and we’re always on the lookout for ways to improve customers’ experiences with the things we build.

We’re pleased to announce that yet another new feature is making its debut today: Wandera is going “SIM-less”.
Going forward, we will be able to offer our comprehensive Mobile Threat Defense and Content Filtering services to Apple and Samsung Android devices that don’t include a SIM card.

Why Wi-Fi only?

We decided to build this feature as a direct response to customer feedback. We understand that mobile threats are a concern across businesses’ entire mobile fleets and that protection against them must extend beyond devices using a SIM card.
Additionally, we know it’s becoming increasingly important to ensure compliance with policy on all corporate mobile devices to avoid legal liability and other sticky situations. That means creating policy not just for office Wi-Fi, but for other, public hotspots too.
Wi-Fi only devices are a popular choice among countless companies and understandably so. The cost of mobile data has become astoundingly high. These organizations are therefore beginning to leverage devices that connect to corporate Wi-Fi instead of data – typically iPads or Samsung tablets.
This has become a clever workaround for some employees, as these devices tend to lack the content filtering and security present on most other corporate devices. Because of this, they have free reign over access to all websites and apps, some of which may cause the business harm and cost them money.

Mobile threats on Wi-Fi only

Just because a device isn’t connected to a cellular network, doesn’t mean the risk of mobile threats disappears. In fact, Wi-Fi only devices are especially vulnerable to security breaches due to the lack of visibility the corporation has over them.
This lack of control on the part of the business when it comes to these types of devices means risky content and applications that are accessed by employees go unnoticed.
This is especially dangerous in the corporate world where Wi-Fi only devices are undoubtedly holding sensitive data, whether it be financial statements or proprietary product information.
Let’s say, for example, an employee connects to a Hotel Wi-Fi hotspot and downloads a seemingly innocent app containing malware from a third party app store on his corporate-owned Wi-Fi only Samsung tablet. This could mean that all the information stored on that tablet is accessible to the hacker.
It’s even worse too: all the connected services that device can access are also vulnerable, such as customer accounts or corporate storage software. It could therefore easily be used for a whole range of nefarious purposes, including being leaked to competitors and even broadcast publicly.

The financial risk of Wi-Fi only

Clearly, Wi-Fi only devices can also be used by personnel to access apps or websites such as video streaming or gaming. This could mean a massive drain of productivity among employees that the business has no visibility into or control over.
In addition, Wi-Fi tablets for example can be used to access inappropriate or even illegal content. We know from past customer incidents that corporations can be held accountable for the content employees access on corporate devices. A rogue employee using a corporate device to view unauthorized extreme content for example, could result in a lawsuit costing the business millions.
This becomes especially worrisome when Wi-Fi only iPads are made available in retail stores offsite where there is less supervision and more opportunity for customers to witness prohibited employee behaviour online.

Corporate Wi-Fi protection?

Some might say corporate Wi-Fi offers protection against these risks. This is in fact true, restrictions can be placed on an organization’s Wi-Fi network to ensure compliance. But what happens when corporate devices travel outside of the office and connect to unprotected Wi-Fi hotspots?
This is by no means an uncommon situation. Employees today are inherently mobile in their work. The days of sitting at a fixed desktop from 9 to 5 are over. We’re now using enterprise-owned devices in trains, planes and cars more often than in the workplace.
With Wandera for Wi-Fi only devices, businesses can now extend their corporate policy to the coffee shop around the corner, or to a hotel on the other side of Europe. Enterprise devices will behave the same way and have the same protection, no matter where employees need to take them.

Wandera for your Wi-Fi only devices

Using Wandera for Wi-Fi only devices means your business is protected across the board. Having the same level of security and policy enforcement across your mobile fleet is an asset that in today’s day and age, you can’t afford to be without.
For more information on Wandera for Wi-Fi only Apple and Samsung devices, please contact your Wandera account representative. If you’re not already using Wandera, schedule pressure-free demonstration with us to learn more about our pioneering web gateway for mobile.
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