Mobile threats can hit at any time. From home, to office, to hotel Wi-Fi, and every public hotspot in between, Wandera ensures your mobile fleet is protected with +WiFi.

Today Wandera is announcing an enhancement to +WiFi, introducing support for more iOS devices and the Samsung Android platform. These enhancements enable more businesses to keep their mobile estates protected at all times, regardless of the network they’re connected to.

What +WiFi gets you

Wandera’s +WiFi provides:

  • Unified view of data usage on both cellular and Wi-Fi connections
  • Flexible controls that allow customers to define mobile policy across all networks
  • 100% always-on threat defense for cellular and Wi-Fi data


The realities of Wi-Fi

Using Wi-Fi is a normal part of mobile working, whether it’s to avoid mobile data charges or connect with work or loved ones when traveling. While seemingly harmless, using Wi-Fi on mobile devices can result in detrimental impacts for individuals and the businesses they work for, without the right protection in place.
Companies tend to protect their mobile device fleets with a security solution that scans for threats and vulnerabilities across mobile data. What these enterprises don’t realize is that they have the opportunity to achieve increased visibility and control of their mobile estates by monitoring Wi-Fi traffic as well.

Extending visibility and control

With +WiFi from Wandera, enterprises can enforce multiple group-based compliance policies effective across the mobile estate, at all times. This eliminates the possibility of productivity-draining ‘Wi-Fi workarounds’ and protects enterprises from potential legal liability issues that result from employees accessing inappropriate content categories during work hours.
In addition, threats don’t just occur over mobile data. They are just as likely to occur over Wi-Fi. Wandera’s +WiFi monitors the device fleet’s traffic during every second of every hour of every day. The detailed analysis of Wi-Fi traffic by our threat intelligence engine MIRIAM, gives customers peace of mind, as it ensure ensure threats cannot penetrate the fleet at any point in time.


Businesses today

With more and more employees traveling and working remotely, it’s becoming increasingly important as an enterprise to ensure your mobile fleet is protected, especially over Wi-Fi. Gone are the days of simply safeguarding the security of mobile devices within the walls of the office. Businesses need to start thinking about what happens when their employees leave the confines of the workplace and use their company-owned devices for their own means.
Now even more of our customers can take advantage of the same level of protection and visibility that Wandera provides, with the added coverage of anything accessed through Wi-Fi connections.

Eager to try out +WiFi?

The +WiFi module is now available to businesses with Samsung Android or Apple iOS devices. Companies using a VPN with iOS devices should check with Wandera’s support team to verify compatibility.
Already using +WiFi? Great. You can now extend Wandera’s threat protection and compliance policy capabilities to even more of your mobile fleet.
For more information on +WiFi, contact your Wandera account manager. If you’re not already enjoying our services, get in touch for a pressure-free demonstration.
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