Enterprise mobility has changed the way we live and work. Having the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world at any time has allowed businesses to grow and quickly adapt.

At Wandera, we understand that mobility is not only an important part of your infrastructure but also a new threat vector for attackers to gain access to sensitive data. We strive to keep your employees safe and productive while utilizing all mobility has to offer. As such, we are constantly improving our platform to make it as easy as possible to protect, secure and manage your corporate mobile data.
That’s why we’re pleased to announce that we’ve extended our EMM Connect service to include a deeper integration with Citrix Endpoint Management – providing a number of benefits to our enterprise customers across the globe.

Wandera + Citrix Endpoint Management

Citrix Endpoint Management customers will be familiar with the vast advantages that come from having an MDM solution in place. The ability to seamlessly push out apps, remotely wipe devices and enforce policies such as password protection is a vital part of managing mobile devices. However, it is not intended as a specialist security solution.
That is where Wandera comes in. While Citrix is able to effectively manage the device, Wandera manages the data, offering a complete layer of security. Wandera functions through its unique web gateway for mobile architecture, providing complete visibility into all mobile traffic.

At a glance

Short for time? Here are the enhancements you can expect if you’re a Citrix Endpoint Management customer using Wandera:

  1. App-based Risk Assessments
  2. Stronger Device Lifecycle Management
  3. Easier Deployments

A detailed look at deeper integrations

1) Deeper app-based Risk Assessments

MI:RIAM, Wandera’s mobile intelligence engine, allows admins to see a full list of applications installed across both iOS and Android devices. This is enabled through the integration between Wandera and Citrix Endpoint Management. Armed with the correct knowledge (for instance, if apps are leaking data) administrators can assess the risk that installed applications present to their organization.

2) Stronger Device Lifecycle Management

With the integration, the Citrix Endpoint Management console becomes the one stop shop for administrators to perform routine tasks. This is enabled by Wandera’s device lifecycle management capabilities.
Device additions, modifications, and deletions need to only be performed within Citrix Endpoint Management, with the changes synced automatically to Wandera through the EMM Connect integration.

3) Easier Deployments

It’s always been important to us at Wandera to make sure we make it as easy as possible for you to get up and running. If it is too difficult or time-consuming to deploy, then it doesn’t matter how good the product is. This is why we have worked tirelessly to allow Citrix Endpoint Management customers to deploy Wandera to their entire mobile fleet at the touch of a button.
Customers who use Android will find the process even more seamless. Simply add any Android devices to a Wandera provisioning group in Citrix Endpoint Management, and deploy the Wandera app to each one. This is done by leveraging Wandera’s Auto Discovery activation method, together with EMM Connect.
EMM Connect will then automatically create the device within RADAR on the next sync, and the Wandera app will then be ready for the AutoDiscovery enrollment process.

Keen to learn more about Wandera + Citrix Endpoint Management?

The integration with Citrix Endpoint Management is available to all Wandera customers. To find out more, get in contact with your Wandera or Citrix account manager, or request a demonstration.
If you’re not already a Wandera customer but you’d like to find out more about the Citrix integration, get in touch with one of our mobility experts today.
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