Wandera for Workspace ONE is the only solution that gives your customers a real-time view of data flowing to and from mobile devices. This granular visibility allows administrators to enhance the digital workspace with data level visibility and policy – meaning your customers can see, manage, and control how data is used. The combination of AirWatch plus Wandera enables unique functionality to your customers, such as: managing compliance policies, setting conditional access based on region, team, etc; content filtering to ensure a secure fleet and productive workforce; and data loss prevention.

The solution is made possible by Wandera’s pioneering web gateway for mobile that sits directly in the pathway of data, continuously monitoring traffic and performing inline policy actions.

Enhance EMM with Wandera for Workspace ONE

Data Management

Are you struggling to analyze or control data usage and behavior? Do you have devices across multiple carriers and want complete visibility?


Are you concerned about employee productivity? Want to ensure corporate devices are being used in the right ways?

Mobile Threat Defense

Are you worried about a data breach? Do you want to ensure malware, data leaks and phishing attacks are prevented?

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Better Together

Wandera for Workspace ONE has been designed for simplicity. Your customers can deploy Wandera silently and seamlessly across any number of mobile devices directly from the AirWatch console. Once deployed, the Wandera mobile gateway infrastructure sits in the pathway of the data as it is transmitted, providing a new layer of data analysis beyond the endpoint. The mobile gateway is fully integrated with Airwatch which enables synchronized administration and bidirectional policy management.

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Data sheets

Help your customers make an educated buying decision on how to protect against mobile threats and manage data usage.

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Trusted by over 500 global enterprises, discover how customers have used Wandera to improve their mobile strategy.

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How do I register a lead?

Complete this form to register your lead. A Wandera representative will reach out within one business day to discuss the opportunity and plan next steps.

I’ve submitted a lead, what’s next?

Once you’ve logged your lead, you’ll be contacted within 24 hours by a Wandera sales representative who will support you with your opportunity. If your request is more urgent, please send us a note at vmw@wandera2018.wpengine.com.

Qualifying customers

What devices does Wandera support?

Wandera is compatible with iOS phones and tablets, Samsung and all versions of Android phones and tablets, and Windows 10 mobile phones.

Is there a minimum device count for Wandera’s solution?

Yes, 25 licences for SMB and 250 for enterprise.

Can you help my customer with data overages?

Yes, Wandera helps companies better manage and control data costs while providing a measurable return on investment.

Can you help my customer with ensuring compliance?

Yes, Wandera’s multi-level architecture, which includes a pioneering cloud gateway for mobile, offers unrivalled visibility and control to ensure compliance across the mobile fleet.

Can you help my customer with setting acceptable use policy?

Yes, the on-device app integration with AirWatch enables administrators to restrict end user activity across web domains, URLs and applications. Additionally, they can set up filters to block access to riskier content, such as adult or gambling sites, and prevent connections to untrustworthy domains as and when they are discovered.

Working with Wandera

Who is my Wandera representative?

For North America, contact Justin Smith justin.smith@wandera2018.wpengine.com For EMEA, contact Suzan Sakarya suzan.sakarya@wandera2018.wpengine.com

Product inquiries

How is Wandera deployed to devices?

Wandera can be deployed with or without an EMM tool, but customers already using AirWatch will be able to deploy instantly, silently and zero-touch.

Does Wandera control voice traffic?

No, Wandera manages data over a cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

Where is my customer’s data stored?

Data is stored in Dublin, Ireland. The privacy standards are higher in the EU than in the US.

How long is my customer’s data stored for?

Data is stored for 12 months, unless otherwise specified.

Does my customer need any additional hardware or software?

Wandera is a cloud solution and does not require additional hardware or software.

Does Wandera support multiple data plans for one customer?


Is Wandera carrier agnostic?

Wandera works with any carrier, anywhere in the world.

Will Wandera slow down my internet access?

No, latency is not perceivable to the end user.

Does Wandera drain the device battery?

No, less than 1% of overall battery life is lost on devices running Wandera.

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