Truly unified, not just integrated. Configure once, apply anywhere.

1 | Information

Wandera’s Security Cloud provides unrivaled insight and attributes for users, devices and apps. These are used to drive automated policy decisions and can be incorporated into custom policy rules.

2 | Decision

The unified policy engine uses an edge-based, event-driven architecture, ensuring high performance and scalability. This enables complex, content-driven decisions to be taken in real time, wherer the user is.

3 | Execution

Wandera’s deployment models ensure optimal policy enforcement, regardless of device or platform type. This results in policy actions that can be relied on, while maintaining the best end-user UX.

Why Wandera

Policy execution reimagined to meet the demands of modern, connected workplaces.

Unified policy console

Deliver policy controls across multiple security use cases from a single, integrated platform. Reduce your operational burden and ensure policy execution remains joined up, allowing for rich crossover use cases, such as driving access policy based on security posture.

Unified device support

Use the same policy definition for all of your remote users, whether on smartphones, tablets or laptops. Using a unified solution reduces the risks and compliance issues associated with inconsistent policy or policy gaps.

Contextual overrides

Wandera provides a hierarchical policy model with a powerful system of dynamic, contextual overrides. This design ensures basic policy definition remains quick and easy, and yet provides significant power and flexibility where required.

Smart rules

Wandera brings corporate policy to the age of multiple device types. Target specific apps using app-based smart rules. Manage data usage via traffic counting and capping capabilities. Keep users informed using custom push notifications. Use ‘allow lists’ to ensure employees always remain productive.

MI:RIAM threat intelligence built in

Native integration with MI:RIAM, Wandera’s advanced machine learning threat intelligence, means that risk assessments can be used to drive real-time risk based policy. This enables true adaptive access based on device risk, user risk and content risk.

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