Totaljobs Group is the UK’s largest and fastest-growing online recruitment company, comprising seven job boards, which between them carry over 250,000 jobs, and attract nine million jobseekers every month.

Headquartered in London with approximately 400 employees and offices across the UK, the company relies heavily on mobile devices for connectivity.

A challenging position for Totaljobs

Totaljobs Group manages approximately 260 corporate-owned mobile devices which are used primarily for connecting to email and accessing services such as and Office 365 while employees are on the move and visiting clients. The device fleet is largely made up of iPhones.
Totaljobs Group has employees who travel internationally within Europe, the UAE and, occasionally, the US.

Totaljobs Group was using Blackberry before making the switch to iPhones approximately four years ago when the IT team recognized a need for a device that would enable access to more online services.

Our move from Blackberry to iPhones resulted in a significant increase in data usage and the associated costs. This was the main driver for seeking a bill shock solution.Holger Sell, Corporate IT Services Manager, Stepstone

The IT team conducted online research to find a solution that would help the company to manage spiralling roaming costs.

The right fit for the job

At that time, Wandera had just entered the market with a unique offering in data cost management, using a cloud based gateway for mobile. Holger came across Wandera on a forum and made contact with the team to request a free trial before signing up to the service.

I was impressed with the service, it offered exactly what we wanted. Getting approval to add another expense to our mobility budget wasn’t easy when we’d just increased spend by moving from Blackberry to iPhone. But we knew ultimately that Wandera would save us money.Holger Sell, Corporate IT Services Manager, Stepstone

Not too long before the deployment of Wandera, Totaljobs Group had selected AirWatch as an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution, working primarily as a tool for tracking and controlling the devices. For example, when someone loses their mobile phone, the IT team uses AirWatch to geo-locate it, block access to any sensitive apps, send messages to the phone to try and recover it or wipe the phone completely.
Together the two solutions work side-by-side. The devices are managed by AirWatch, while Wandera manages the device data during its entire journey from multiple touch points, in the cloud and on the endpoint.

Totaljobs Group set up various policies through Wandera for different groups of users depending on how much they travel and the permissions they need to do their jobs.
The company customized a standard policy which blocks cellular access to certain preset categories in the Wandera dashboard. The policy also blocks inappropriate categories including adult and gambling for all employees.
Services like Salesforce and Office 365 are on the allow list so staff have access to work-critical services at all times, even if they have reached their data cap.

For us, keeping staff, connected and productive is more important than making small savings on data roaming, which is why the customisable allow list is useful. When it comes to personal apps and websites, we try to keep a nice, healthy balance without being too strict.Holger Sell, Corporate IT Services Manager, Stepstone

With Wandera, Totaljobs is able to optimize its O2 data pool plan. The company applied a 1GB cap per device with alerts being sent to users when they are approaching their limit. Within the Wandera app, users can see which sites and apps are consuming most of their data, allowing them to take responsibility for managing their individual usage.